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Faculty Library Newsletter

Flipped Learning: Embedding & Assessing Information Literacy Skills in Canvas

You've probably heard of the flipped classroom or flipped learning, but have you heard about flipped library instruction?

With all that you need to accomplish in your classes, it's hard to find time to teach students how to research and navigate the sea of information they encounter. Let your library liaison help by creating interactive tutorials that teach research and information literacy skills and assess students' understanding.  You can embed these tutorials directly in Canvas and students can access them anytime.  Once the tutorials have been completed, liaisons are happy to follow-up with brief in-person active learning sessions that focus on building critical thinking and evaluation skills. 

Want to know more? Contact your liaison.

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YOU ARE INVITED! Christian Fiction Writers Workshop

What is Christian fiction? Is it alive and well? This one hour class will examine these two questions and explore theme, worldview, a spiritual content spectrum for Christian fiction, genres Christian publishers and agents are currently seeking, and the impact of writers' groups, writing blogs, and workshops to hone your craft.

Want to get published? Ask these experts.

Vandiver Gallery - Thrift Library - January 26 10:10 - 11:00

Buying Preferences


All book requests should indicate a preferred format.

  • Paper or Hardback?
  • Book or eBook?
  • 1 User or Unlimited?

Or, submit a preferences form (below) so we wil have your preferences on record.

When neither are provided, the library will use its own judgment.

Updated Database - Nexis UNI

FYI - If your browser warns you this is an unsafe site, click on the Advanced link and then proceed. It's safe.

BEP - Business Expert Press - 700 eBooks

Business Expert Press (BEP) supplies 4,500 eBooks published from 2010 to the present, along with future publications. The library pays $3,100 up front for a one year subscription to all content. At the end of the year it selects 50 of the most used titles to keep. If sufficient use is generated, contracts can be extended one year at a time.

Title examples:

  • Agile Human Resources: Creating A Sustainable Future For The HR Profession
  • Educating Business Professionals: The Call Beyond Competence And Expertise
  • Leading Edge Marketing:Turning Technology Into Value

HEB eBooks on Fulcrum

  • ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) is an online collection of around 5,000 books of high quality in the humanities. ACLS is the American Council of Learned Societies
  • Unlimited users. Great for Canvas!
  • Available via OneSearch or the HEB Database.
  • $560 per year.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Popular Music moves to a new database

Encyclopedia of 

Popular  Music

Has moved from

 Oxford Music Online


to Oxford Reference


Departmental Budgets and Acquisition

Check your departmental budget allocations, spending, and balance.

Review databases charged to your department.

Determine the status of all your book, eBook and media orders - date ordered, date received, list, cost, call number assigned, etc.

Contact your liaison to order new materials.

Contact Head of Acquisitions to inquire about unfilled orders.