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Faculty Library Newsletter

Mometrix - Trial Oct 1 - 31.


$ 2,799.00 for the entire eLibrary resource (2000+ titles)
$ 699.75 for 1-10 titles
$ 1,399.50 for 11-50 titles
$ 2,099.25 for 51-100 titles

NEW - 17th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style, available online and in print

Trial Database - HeinOnline through Dec. 20. - $1,347

Got Video? The library has over 50,000 streaming video titles to select from. All free to you.

The library has over 50,000 streaming video titles to select from. All free to you.

Learn how to select titles and load into Canvas.

Don't forget to add the library's proxy prefix!

Need a textbook? Try Springer. Over 8,500 titles to choose from!

The title will be hosted in the SpringerLink database.

Order an eTextbook through the library.

Place the title or chapter urls in Canvas.

Unlimited users!

Paper copies available at $25.00.

Open Textbook Library

The Open Textbook Library provides a growing catalog of free, peer-reviewed, and openly-licensed textbooks.

Explore the library's books to see if an open textbook fits your course's, and students', needs.

New Credo Reference Titles

Antarctica and the Arctic Circle: A Geographic Encyclopedia of the Earth's Polar Regions

Handy Answer: Native American Almanac: More Than 50,000 Years of the Cultures and Histories of Indigenous Peoples

Entertainment and Society around the World: Pop Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Unforgotten Sisters: Female Astronomers and Scientists before Caroline Herschel

The Gun Debate: An Encyclopedia of Gun Control & Gun Rights

500 Great Military Leaders

Ideas for Leaders Collection

Ten Thousand Birds

The 2016 Annual Register: World Events 2015

Encyclopedia of World Biography

The Innovation Paradox

Americas Favorite Holidays: Candid Histories

Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday Law 

The Psych 101 Series: Positive Psychology 101

The Psych 101 Series: Psychology of Aging 101 

The Psych 101 Series: Psychology of Love 101

Debrett's People of Today 2017

Constitutional Amendments

The Columbia Encyclopedia

50 Speeches That Made The Modern World

Dictionary of British Women Artists

Encyclopedia of Warrior Peoples & Fighting Groups

Atlas of Indian Nations

The International Handbooks of Museum Studies

The Professional Counselor's Desk Reference

Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary

Handy Answer: The Handy Technology Answer Book

Princeton Field Guides: The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs

The International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality

Wellbeing: A Complete Reference Guide

The Deluxe Food Lover's Companion