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Faculty Library Newsletter

Congratulations Are In Order!

It has been a good year for the library!

Faculty and Student Library Surveys are in.

       Faculty Library Survey - Highest EVER (1989-90+ )

      Student Library Survey - Second highest EVER (1989-90+ ) 

View each for the scores, analysis, comments, responses, and Action Lists.

From the Faculty Survey - Library faculty and staff are courteous and helpful. - 5.0 - Highest ever!  (It was actually 4.978, so there is room for improvement.)

Departmental Budgets and Acquisition

Check your departmental budget allocations, spending, and balance.

Determine the status of all your book, eBook and media orders - date ordered, date received, list, cost, call number assigned, etc.

Contact your liaison to order new materials.

Contact Head of Acquisitions to inquire about unfilled orders.

Guess What the Most Trusted Profession Is

A recent survey by the Maine State Library shows that librarians are the second most trusted professionals out of the 22 professions studied.

     Who came in first?

May Will Be Here Before You Know It

 Exams May 2 - May 8

 Baccalaureate May 12

 Graduation May 13

 Summer School May 15

 Summer Weeding Project - May - July

Summer Weeding Project

The average copyright of a book on the Thrift Library's shelves is 1980.

Wouldn't you like to

  • Help weed your area?
  • Remove dated materials? 
  • Get to know the strengths and weaknesses of the collection?
  • Learn how to select the quality books you really need?

Contact your liaison and schedule a time.