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Faculty Library Newsletter

Its Coming! The New York Times App - Starting in January

Starting in January the Thrift Library - and ALL of Anderson University - will be able to get the New York Times, on their computer, iPad, or smartphone.

Just download the app, push the button, and voila, the New York Times, when and where you want it. 

  • And that's not all! The New York Times app provides content all the way back to volume 1.
  • And that's not all! The New York Times app allows you to set up alerts. Doing a paper on Brexit? Set up an alert. Just interested in the new Star Wars movie? Set up an alert. 

Details to follow in January.

Need an eBook with Unlimited Users Suitable for Use as a Textbook or Parallel Reading? Search these Databases.

160,00 subscription titles. 10,000 titles Almost 50,000 purchased titles.  

PASCAL Delivers 12 Millions Books - And Cake

The library's rollout party for PASCAL Delivers was a huge success with lots of cake given away!

Both faculty and staff have embraced the new Interlibrary Loan service since its launch on October 5.

In the short two months since it began there has been a significant increase in Interlibrary Loan.

  • Books borrowed has nearly reached last year's total.
  • Books loaned has surpassed all of last year.

Bottom line - PASCAL Delivers is more popular than cake!

Credo Reference Adds Content - Two Dozen New Titles - Unlimited Users

50 Biology Ideas You Really Need to Know
50 Chemistry Ideas You Really Need to Know
50 Maths Ideas You Really Need to Know
Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, Second Edition
Blackwell Companions to American History: A Companion to American Indian History
Critical Approaches to the History of Western Herbal Medicine: From Classical Antiquity to the Early Modern Period
Dictionary of Legal Terms: Definitions and Explanations for Non-Lawyers
Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
Encyclopedia of Street Crime in America
ESV Student Study Bible
Gaither's Dictionary of Scientific Quotations, Second Edition 
Latin Music: Musicians, Genres, and Themes
Lives of Great Religious Books: Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologiae: A Biography

OECD Factbook 2015-2016: Economic, Environmental and Social Statistics
Princeton Companion to Atlantic History
Public Relations Collection: An Overview of the Public Relations Function
SAGE Handbook of Special Education
The Almanac of American Philanthropy
The Atlas of California
The Gale Encyclopedia of Fitness
The Literature of Propaganda
The Princeton Encyclopedia of American Political History
Transformation of the World: A Global History of the Nineteenth Century
Wiley-Blackwell Companions to Religion: The Blackwell Companion to Paul

Important Reminder About Budgets

The library needs your help in spreading out acquisitions evenly over the academic year in order to prevent

  • an overwhelming workload during the last two months of the fiscal year,

  • the loss of unspent library funds.

Departments are asked to spend the following proportions of their Book Budgets by the assigned dates.

December 1 - 50%
March 1  - 80%
April 1  - 90%
May 1 - 100% (last day to order)

Congratulations to Psychology for already spending 70% of their budget!

Business, Christian Studies, Education, English, Sociology and Theater are also on track and may get to benefit from unspent monies in April.