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Faculty Library Newsletter

Mystery in the Library. Has the Crook Come Back?

Credo Reference Adds Sociology and Psychology Titles

The Blackwell Companion to Major Classical Social Theorists
The Blackwell Companion to Major Contemporary Social Theorists
The Blackwell Companion to Social Movements

The New Blackwell Companion to Social Theory
Encyclopedia of Human Behavior
Encyclopedia of Human Memory
Encyclopedia of the Mind
The Psych 101 Series: Depression 101
The Psych 101 Series: Evolutionary Psychology 101 
The Psych 101 Series: Media Psychology 101
The Quotable Jung

The Thrift Library App Was Used 23,000 Times Last Year! And You Are Going to Want To Use it Too!




539 App Downloads in 2015-16

Taylor & Francis eBooks

Our newest eBook database is getting a lot of use - not just as a platform for the 275 eBooks we have already activated - but also as a selection tool for eBooks with unlimited users.

Faculty are finding the titles are great for use in Canvas. 

Some titles are even suitable as a substitute for a textbook.

Discounted prices.

Check with your liaison if you see a title you like.

Need Mythology? We've Got a Guide for That!

World Mythology: Handbook of Chinese MythologyWorld Mythology: Handbook of Inca MythologyWorld Mythology: Handbook of Japanese MythologyWorld Mythology: Handbook of Native American MythologyWorld Mythology: Handbook of Norse Mythology

South Carolina's Textbook Public Review Will Take Place in the Curriculum Lab October 21 - November 21.

The intent of the Instructional Materials Public Review is to give citizens the opportunity to review the proposed instructional materials and submit comments that will be considered by the State Board of Education in determining which materials should be made available for South Carolina public schools.

Examine textbooks. Fill out an online form.

Book Signing In the Library

 Local author Maggie Turner lectures 

on her new book - 

Adventure Available: Discovering life with an extravagantly loving God.

following a book signing in Books & Beans.

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