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IS 398 England/Scotland

 Reformation and Revival: A Journey through the Reformation and Revival in Great Britain

This course examines the history of the English and Scottish Reformations and the Great Revival that occurred during the 18th century to Great Britain. Students will learn about the key figures in the Reformation and Great Revival as well as visit sites in England and Scotland that pertain to events and individuals related to the Reformation and Revival. Finally, students will observe the decline that has occurred in England and Scotland since the era of the Reformation and Great Revival and determine any parallels between that decline and the decline of Christianity in the United States since the First and Second Great Awakenings.

General Travel Itinerary

Trip to sites in and around London and Scotland related to the Reformation and Great Revival.

Travel Dates--TBA (Spring Break - March)

Housing/Accommodations-- Hotels/Hostels

Reformation and Modern History