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Student Library Survey 2021-22: Requests

About Student Suggested Purchases

As a result of your requests the the library has either purchased, or is in the process of purchasing, over 100 books / eBooks.

We really appreciate the large number of requests included in this year's survey. Student participation is very important in developing a library collection as no one knows what you want better than you.

NOTE: Some of the suggestions were overly broad. You can improve your suggestions by narrowing them down. For instance, instead of suggesting more Children's Books, suggest a particular author or title or topic and reading level. (American Revolution for 4th graders, Science experiments for 6th graders, etc.)


Art and Graphic Design

  • landscape photography: Here are a couple we could get: From Dawn to Dusk: Mastering the Light in Landscape Photography  /  The Pacific Crest Trail : hiking America's wilderness trail by Bart Smith (2022). The Art of Landscape Photography, by Mark Bauer   Would you like to suggest some others?
  • Graphic design


  • Updated books in Human Resources such as Life stories(autobiographies,documentaries,cade studies. HR Analytics Essentials You Always Wanted to Know by Vibrant; Chief Marketing Officers at Work; HBR's 10 Must Reads on Reinventing HR
  • Budgeting in college, how to manage money in college, ways to invest while in college  Financial adulting : everything you need to know and do to be a financially confident and conscious adult; Indebtedness in Early Adulthood: Causes and Remedies ; TLDR - Investments and Finance for Young People 
  • More on Business Ethics that is narrowed down more  We have thousands of  books on Business Ethics and subtopics of Business Ethics. Could you be more specific?

Christian Studies

LOGOS Bible Software:  We will take a closer look at this resource. A one-year license would be $1500...

More books by and about the Church Fathers (Ancient Medieval Reformation era... ) We very much like this suggestion! We will continue to buy more in this area of study.

More resources for Christian Philosophy: Love this new program at AU and our Christian Philosophy professors, too! They often make timely suggestions about new books for the Library to buy, and we are glad to support teaching and study in Christian Philosophy and Apologetics.

More Christian books on Beauty and Creation: Agreed! These are lovely verses in Genesis, aren't they? "And God saw that it was good…" Will try to make this area in our collection broader/deeper...

Youth Ministry: Indeed, a class on Youth Ministry is part of the curriculum at AU. But good books on this topic are not easy to find. Please send us a few specific titles and we will try to make it happen.


Books for Communications Public Relations majors, specifically about event planning for events such as weddings, businesses and companies, etc.

Try searching the keywords "event management" in OneSearch. You will discover many ebooks and articles on the topic of event planning FYI - We have 25 books on wedding planning.

On Order - The Complete Guide to Successful Event Planning; The event planning toolkit : your guide to organizing extraordinary meetings and events; 

more books that pertain to media and society.

Try searching the keywords "media and society' in Onesearch - there are many ebooks and articles on the topic

Books on social media- need more that involve current platforms

There are 243 book chapters on social media and TikTok. We will see if we can buy some more books on other current platforms. Please suggest the social media platforms.


Criminal Justice

No suggestions this year, but here are some we bought

  • Crime, Reason and History: A Critical Introduction to Criminal Law;
  • Criminal Justice in America: The Encyclopedia of Crime, Law Enforcement, Courts and Corrections; 
  • Evaluating Police Uses of Force


  • Ron Clark We have 15 of his books and will continue to add more as they are published.   Try The Essential 55: An Award-Winning Educator's Rules for Discovering the Successful Student in Every Child, Revised and Updated.
  • The online library databases do not have enough peer reviewed educational articles specifically on the Academic Search Complete database and ERIC.  The online database does not have access to peer reviewed articles concerning math anxiety, women in educational leadership, public/private school choice, existentialism theory, etc.  The Anderson database needs more access to education related peer reviewed articles. Although the two databases you mentioned are good, you should also try Education Full text, Gale OneFile: Educator's Reference, Professional Development Collection and the Teacher Reference Center - or just search all at one time using OneSearch. We have 1,395 Education Journals. 
    • Math anxiety is not an official subject heading so search for it under “math anxiety” in quotes. I get 22,000 peer reviewed articles and 40 eBooks.
    • Women in educational leadership is also not an official subject heading. Either look for it in quotes or try the four topics below. I found 84,000 peer reviewed articles and 10 books. Women college teachers; School administration teachers; Educational leadership -- Study and teaching; School management and organization -- Study and teaching

  • Public/private school choice may be found under the subject School choice. I see 1,800 articles and 150 eBooks. Currency is a problem because not enough is being written about it at the moment. Try School Choice (The MIT Press Essential Knowledge series); Public vs. Private: The Early History of School Choice in America.
    • existentialism theory    It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find a current book on existentialism theory that applies specifically to education. You will be better off selecting book chapters, reference articles, and peer reviewed articles. Even there, it is not a hot or current topic and is only one among many theories in education. Try Existentialism and Education: An Introduction to Otto Friedrich Bollnow and Resurrecting Existentialism, by Corey Mayer.
  • Some new books for English education majors to be able to dissect. - Need specifics.
  • Special education books are always helpful… more that are new & up to date with laws & regulation - The essentials of special education law (2021); Special education law and policy : from foundation to application (2022); Being Heumann: An Unrepentant Memoir of a Disability Rights Activist

The rest of these are big topics for which we have hundreds of eBooks and thousands of articles.

  • E-books, specifically peer reviewed articles, for Elementary and Early Childhood Education majors, as well as child development.
  • Education
  • study of childhood development
  • Special Education
  • Early Childhood Education


I realize that the library is mostly for research, but it would be nice to have a bit more fiction books. Especially classics like Dickens or the Brontë sisters.

Books to read for fun. Fiction. Anything that’s not for a class

More just regular books for leisure reading, not so much academic books

Health Professions

Kinesiology and Speech Language Pathology - what an interesting topic! We will see if we can purchase a few new resources - Please send over a few titles that you would like.

Nursing books and research

Since nursing is a topic in the sciences in which new research is being done frequently, we try to keep current  access to journal articles more than print books or ebooks. Use the OneSearch tool to check through our nursing databases for the most current access to our resources

Neuroscience and rare genetic diseases

Since neuroscience is a topic in the sciences in which new research is being done frequently, we try to keep current  access to journal articles more than books or ebooks. Use the OneSearch tool to check through our  databases for the most current access to our resources. Please suggest specific titles and we will consider puchasing a few if possible.

Kinesiology, exercise science, and healthcare

Thrift Library has many online resources pertaining to these topics through OneSearch and our library databases.


Several students in History asked about Thrift Library and whether we could provide textbooks for their classes. The answer to that kind of question is somewhat complex -- will try to give a three-part summary: (1) Thrift Library does have a project where we try to buy E-Textbooks -- but this is not always possible since many publishers are reluctant  to grant permission for "Unlimited Users" -- that's the technical name for that kind of access.  (2)  The Bookstore sends us a list of textbooks before every semester starts and we make purchases of this type when it seems wise for us to do so, based in part on $$$. (3) The focus of the Library's mission is somewhat different -- to provide books and articles that go "beyond the textbook."

More books, please, about the Middle East. We have heard that students in Dr. Butler's classes on the Middle East are writing some very interesting papers. Dr. Butler has been sending us many titles to buy since he came to AU several years ago --Thanks for sending those along to us, Dr. Butler. We will continue to build this part of the collection.    

Interior Design

There were no suggestions for Interior Design this year, but here are some we bought

  • Becoming an Interior Designer;

  • Interaction for Designers: How to Make Things People Love;

  • Building Construction Illustrated, 6th ed.;

  • History of Interior Design, 2nd. Ed.

Journals / Articles

  • I would like significantly more access to online journals
  • Online Journal Access

We are always looking to expand our journal access. Currently at 40,000 titles. Budget increases are currently under consideration.


More books on Spanish Language, Literature, and History, including Latin America: Love this request! Greater understanding between people in a pluralistic context, more compassion for each other. Perfect fit for Biblical values of hospitality and the love command.


Books specifically on pipe organ composers, organ construction, organ literature, and analysis of organ music.  One of the Librarians responds this way.  "Our church had an outstanding organist who was an AU graduate (Class of 2000). But he left for a new job in another state." We definitely need more like him, so, yes, we will look into "more organ music" Sounds like you have a few composers in mind already, and if so, don't keep it a secret! Provide a few more specifics, please...

More books on Music and Music History would be awesome! We agree! Much more music! Which classes have you taken? Say a few more words, please, about the kind of music books you have in mind...


  • The Church Organist's Library (on order)
  • All The Stops: The Glorious Pipe Organ And Its American Masters
  • The Cambridge Companion to the Organ

Political Science

Political Science: effects of education on voter turnout   This is a focus in Dr. Wilford's research: "Why is voter turnout so low in the US?" OK, yes, we already maxed out on that part of this year's budget, but Dr. Wilford and others have promised to send us more new titles to purchase.

More Resources for International Law:   Yes, that is what is stake in many global conflicts right now -- can a rules-based order prevail,  as Kant describes in "Perpetual Peace"? Or, will it be anarchy of the sort Thomas Hobbes writes about in "Leviathan"? Thanks for your suggestion. We want to support the good work being done by AU students in this field, for sure!

History of American Institutions (Congress, Federal Judiciary, FBI, USPS, FCC, etc.)   You are right! Government and Pre-Law course offerings continue to grow. Thrift will make a commitment to meet this growing need.

Politics and Christianity In Romans 13, Paul says we should obey gov't authority. But in Rev 13 gov't is described as an apocalyptic beast. And what does Matt 13 say? "the weeds and the wheat will grow up together before the harvest." Many things to ponder over and reflect on here for faith and politics. We will look for more books that can help!


Anything related to human sexuality, many psychological journals with prime information are unavailable to students, and primary sources from prominent psychological minds (Carl Rogers, Alfred Adler, etc.) would be great

Sometimes the library doesn't have access to the article you need.  Do a keyword search in OneSearch and request through our handy ILL service.

Youth ministry and mental health:

what an interesting topic! We will see if we can find ebooks or books on that area of psychology. There also might be good timely journal articles to read.

There need to be more research articles on general psychological concepts like human development and mental illnesses.

try narrowing your topic - there are quite a few articles on human development and mental illness if you do a key word search in OneSearch.

psychology articles and materials (especially digital) - gender, family dynamics and relationship, siblings

try combining your search terms in onesearch - thousands of results

mental health in elementary students and general mental health

Try using our OneSearch tool to search your keywords to find many articles and ebooks on the topics.

human development & family studies

Many articles are found in OneSearch if you do a keyword search.



  • You need more books on dinosaurs - we will buy 3
  • Graph Theory in Math- we will buy Introduction to Graph Theory; Introduction to Topology; Number Theory
  • Environmental Science- we will buy 3 new books on various topics within the field
  • Possibly Math and in specific mathematical history - we will buy 3 new books within the field of math history
  • Biochem stuff is mostly online journals... everything on paper is outdated... can we get some new stuff? - since the field of biochem is constantly being updated, we don't tend to purchase print books. We will try to buy a few more ebooks instead or investigate access to more online journals within the field of Biochem. Good suggestion!
  • Genetics - please try onesearch for many resources on the topic of genetics
  • Spider monkeys - We have 1183 book chapters on Spider monkeys


human development & family studies - many thousands of articles and book chapters can be found in OneSearch

Political Science, I would like access to Jstore for international and comparative politics - See comments on JSTOR in the Comments Section.

Modern Social Injustice or studies in psychology - many thousands of articles and book chapters in OneSearch. Please see your librarians for help with searching these topics. We can help you navigate the online databases and fine what you need!


  • It would be nice to see more of a variety in the Play section of the library!

We currently have over 2,000 books in the play section and many more upstairs shelved with the authors. We acquire over 60 each year. If you ever want a specific play we don’t have, let us know and we will get it.


  • Injury prevention - Casebook of Traumatic Injury Prevention; The Anatomy of Sports Injuries, Second Edition; Playing (Less) Hurt : An Injury Prevention Guide for Musicians
  • Eco- Consciousness especially in the event and wedding spectrum - Zero waste Wedding planner and organizer: Guided journal for a boho wedding and a sustainable celebration; The Everything Green Wedding Book; Sustainable Badass: A Zero-Waste Lifestyle Guide
  • More diverse topics - black history, queer history.  - The Schlager Anthology of Black America: A Student's Guide to Essential Primary Sources (3 vols); LGBTQ Life in America : Examining the Facts; Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century
  • The impact of gossip/rumors - The Oxford Handbook of Gossip and Reputation; Routledge Handbook of Character Assassination and Reputation Management 



  • I strongly believe that with the amount of books that are available in the library and online that course textbooks should solely come through the library and asking students to purchase new textbooks should not be a practice that the University should follow anymore. - The library always buys textbooks 1) if available 2) if online 3) if for unlimited users. Currently that is one in four. We would buy more if we could, but many publishers are uncooperative.
  • In general-- up to date textbooks (such as Reason and Responsibility: Readings in some Basic Problems of Philosophy, the newest version Thrift had was 1990's). If this title was available in the latest version online for unlimited users we would buy it. We don't buy textbooks in print, at least not knowingly, as that would wipe out our book budget.

Happy with what we have?

  • Everything is great
  • Unsure
  • This is my first semester and first courses in the MOL online degree program, so I do not currently have any questions.
  • N/A
  • No
  • N/A
  • n/a
  • I have none
  • N/A
  • n/a
  • Na
  • N/A
  • NA
  • None specifically
  • n/a
  • Nope! I have never had a problem finding what I need!
  • N/A
  • Not any that I can think of
  • N/A
  • None
  • N/a
  • None
  • No
  • No
  • N/A


In some cases the library found abundant, current resources on the suggestions gathered by the survey. Here are some ways to improve your searching.

1) Use eBooks. It may be intimidating at first, but they are identical to the books on our shelves.

2) Use alternative search terms. Your topic may be called something else.

3)  Use multiple terms. Combine them with the word "Or".

4) Broaden your topic. Your topic may be a subtopic (a chapter) located in a book about something bigger.

5) Change your search from Books to Articles. Very specific topics and very current topics are better supported through articles.

6) Borrow books through and PASCAL Delivers (12 million vols.) and Interlibrary Loan (500 million bibliographic records). No library will have everything you need. All libraries borrow books.

Why eBooks?

  • 7 times as many eBooks as books
  • More current
  • Ability to search across content of eBook
  • Downloadable content
  • Multi users
  • 24/7 access


Want to suggest a book for the Thrift Library?

We have dozens of books and eBooks on most topics and hundreds, if not thousands, in most subject areas.

Only YOU can tell us what is the right book for you!