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Student Library Survey 2021-22: Comments / Suggestions

Table of Contents

FYI - All comments and suggestions will be shared with the administration. Specific comments will be shared with the responsible party - i.e. Housekeeping, Writing Center, IT, Reference Librarians, etc.


  • Thank you, I appreciate what y'all do for our campus
  • None
  • Thank you!
  • Thank you!
  • I love it here
  • NA
  • Thrift is a great place to study and has very kind people in it
  • :)
  • My experience with the library has been very positive all 4 years at AU!
  • I personally really enjoy coming to the library, which is something I never thought I would say! It is a quiet place where I can study, even in study rooms with friends which is extremely helpful! I am thankful for the library we have here at Anderson University.
  • Thanks!

Thank you.

Content - Books / Articles / Databases

  • I would like Anderson considering subscribing to JSTOR.
  • PLEASE get JSTOR access for AU! It would make my research so much easier!
  • Access to JStor would be extremely helpful. I have come across numerous articles that would have been helpful if I could have accessed them.

Guess what? You do have access to JSTOR. Whenever you search OneSearch you are also searching the complete content of JSTOR. Oftentimes this will lead you to articles that are duplicated in our other databases. If not, borrow the articles via Interlibrary loan OR create a personal account. JSTOR will give you access to 6 articles per month. There are also many free articles in JSTOR.

  • I am grateful for the access I have but often need to use my boyfriend's Clemson login to find the articles I need about more niche topics
  • More access to online scientific and peer-reviewed journal articles would be helpful

We would love to add more journals beyond the 40,000 we already supply and will do so when budgetary opportunities present themselves. Meanwhile take note that even Clemson students who have three times as many databases want more articles than their library provides and of necessity order hundreds, if not thousands, of them through interlibrary loan each year.

  • The access of journals and ebooks tends to be extensive and redundant.

It can be redundant. We often subscribe to the same article or eBook through multiple databases.


  • I appreciate how much content there is on the online library; 9 times out of 10 I find what I am looking for in terms of research articles and journals.
  • Thrift Library is a great resource. The online sources are the best part, honestly.

Thank you.



  • It would be nice if there was more seating in the 1st floor of the library since many people, myself included, take a whole table.
  • The hardest thing is having enough seats to study with a group or even on my own during certain times of the day and semester
  • I just wish there was more space sometimes but that’s not really a complaint or something in you all’s control but other than that, appreciate all that you all do for us. :)
  • More seating in the lower section of the library (main floor), equip study rooms with projectors for presentation practice.

We have noticed the popularity of the library as a place, particularly during certain hours, and particular near the end of the semester. If you should ever not be able to find a seat ask at the Front Desk. We will open Pracht, Chapman, or Vandiver for overflow seating if they are available.

  • Maybe noise canceling foam or material to help to make it even more quieter upstairs. We will pass along your suggestion to the Physical Plant.
  • During busy times sometimes the lower bathrooms are not in the best order. Also other drinks (refreshers/teas) within the same cup as iced coffee are not allowed. Perhaps this policy could change for the first floor. We will pass along your comment about the bathrooms to Housekeeping and your comment about drink on the main floor to the administration.
  • A water fountain to fill up our water bottles would be nice. - Look to your right as you enter between the entrance and stairs.
  • I appreciate coming into the library very frequently and finding a quiet, clean place to study! - Thank you

Food and Drink

  • I wish there wasn’t a ban on food and drinks. I think it would be beneficially if you only prohibited it on the desks that have computers and not just ban it completely.
  • Allow coffee on the second floor. We’re not children, we know how to keep a liquid in its container. If a student does make a mess, then a fine is reasonable, but whether it be for studying or classes, students need coffee to stay awake. Taking away the necessary means that a student needs to stay awake to get the education they pay for is ridiculous and counterintuitive.
  • See previous comment.
  • There is no real reason we shouldnt be able to have drinks/food in the library. We are all adults. Also, some of the librarians are SO RUDE. Several times I have been treated like a child for a minor misunderstanding. I'm sure there are some people who act rude, disrespectful, and childish. But as someone who is polite and understanding, I find it ridiculous that I am spoken down to. Thank you.

The Thrift Library Building was built in 2007 and was a huge improvement over the old library. At the request of students it was designed to provide access to food and drink in the same building via the downstairs café. The intention was to give students a convenient, nearby place to take a break and then come back and study some more. It was never the intention of the administration to allow food or drink in the library proper. The decision in 2017 to allow coffee on the first floor was a huge compromise. It was done knowing that even the most responsible users can have accidents - and they do. We have had some spectacular spills over the years and carpet stains the size of a human body – right at the entrance. Try to imagine the same spill in the color pink or red or blue. We also sometimes find food waste in our trash cans despite the rule prohibiting food in the library. This is a particular problem over the weekend when trash cans are not emptied and can result in a smell. Discarded food attracts insects. Where do they go to live after they finish their meal? Into the books. The question isn’t whether or not we want food and drink in the library – everybody does. The question is - how much are we willing to pay for it in terms of cost and inconvenience and the gradual decline in the appearance of the library – something we are all proud of.

We will pass on your comments to the administration.


  • As a student with tons going on during the day, it sometimes leaves the only time to study to be at night. With a closing time of midnight and with roommates to be respectful to, it makes it extremely difficult to get the work/studying done. Myself as well as many other students find the limited night hours at a university library to be extremely difficult and frustrating. If the hours were extended, it would help so extremely much, considering that there are no other places on campus open past midnight.
  • open sooner on sundays and close later on saturdays
  • Maybe extending library hours as many students prefer to study late at night would be helpful
  • I wish the library was open until 2 am! Later hours work better for those that work jobs late into the night.
  • Extend the library hours, including Sunday's
  • longer weekend hours
  • love the library! would love more weekend hours
  • Please add more hours!! We are always doing homework on the weekends and it would be so helpful if you had longer hours on Saturday and Sunday!
  • Extended hours are needed.
  • It would be nice if students weren’t kicked out of the library right at 12am. Sometimes I am working on an assignment due at that time and it’s stressful when I’m trying to submit it on time and having to leave the library.
  • I would like to see the hours changed to be open later. There is nowhere else to study on campus after midnight and not everyone can go to their rooms to finish an assignment because of their roommate situation.
  • If possible, the Library being open until 1 A.M. would be helpful. However I understand if that is not possible.
  • I believe that weekend hours should be extended greatly for studying.

If you would like to increase library hours, here's how. Vote with your feet. The library counts the number of users in the building all year long and pays particular attention to the half hour after opening and before closing. When usage grows sufficiently we increase our hours. 

FYI -  The survey score for Hours was a solid - 4.25 and has improved every year for three years. Also note that we have the third best hours of SC's Private Academic Libraries. (See below.)


Except for one response suggesting the addition of sound muffling devices (included under Facilities) there were no complaints about noise this year. This is very unusual. Given that we had a greater gate count, a greater half hour occupancy rate, and greater study room use this year than ever before, the lack of problems with noise is amazing, and it is a great compliment to you! Not only do you use the library heavily, you use it quietly. You study. You respect your peers. Thank you.

FYI - One of the highest scores was - The library provides adequate space for quiet study - 4.60.


  • Google scholar and other outside resources have been easier to navigate our systems are just complex to work through through  If you are already familiar with Google Scholar. It can be challenging to use a new system like OneSearch, but we strongly recommend it. If you are looking for free content, you will find much, much more in OneSearch.
  • I have noticed that when I search for something in OneSearch and attempt to access the full journal article, half of the time it is not available. I am having to attempt to find similar articles in its place because it cannot be accessed. Unfortunately that is the way databases work. Most are a combination of full text and citations. Some are even indices and have NO full text. You can either look at this as an opportunity to use Interlibrary Loan or check the Full Text Only box to limit your results.
  • Online resources are great.  We just need to find the page easier.  You have to scroll to the bottom of the home page to find it and all student resources. Try Googling Thrift Library. Then add to your Favorites.
  • I think y’all are doing a great job. The education curriculum lab is great and I use it for my literacy class. I will say that I have been expected to use the library’s online research stuff but I’m not really sure how and it’s usually just easier to do a google search. Try our OneSearch Help page.  We may not be as big, but you will find a lot more vetted, full text (free) information in OneSearch than on the internet.
  • Some of the eBooks for class were either blocked or they did not have enough virtual copies to supply the entire class. I would appreciate some movements to improve this issue!  Most eBooks are sold with a choice of user levels - single user, 3 user, and unlimited users. Unfortunately some publishers refuse to sell some eBooks at the unlimited user level to libraries. In the case of textbooks, we only announce the availability of a textbook if it allows unlimited users. The faculty then puts the link in their Canvas page.  Due to the fact that we subscribe to almost a half million eBooks, you will occasionally stumble across titles with limited users. It may even be a current textbook that cannot be purchased for unlimited users. 
  • I have found the library to be very helpful. The people at the library are always willing to help. OneSearch is helpful for research on projects. The one issue that I have is that some of the resources on OneSearch no longer allow you to access them, but everything else is helpful. Occasionally we lose access to a database temporarily. We have also had trouble this year switching from one linking service to another. While the new service is superior to the old, every old link in our Research Guides has had to be replaced - thousands - and we are still working our way through them. Completion date should be end of April.
  • An email explaining OneSearch/what exactly the library has to offer students and how they can utilize it  Try our OneSearch help page
  • Maybe inform people more of the services provided? Or inform profs to inform students? For a while, I didn’t even know one search existed   There are a lot of ways the library promotes itself and its resources. 1) Explore our Home Page, 2)  We Explore  specific topics in our Research Guides, 3) Explore the FAQs in Ask a Librarian, and 4) We are in 411 each week promoting New in the Library. You can look back at previous announcements.
  • Overall the thing I struggle with most when using the online library is 1) that the articles I have pulled up in use for a paper will time out too quickly and 2) I then started taking pictures of the titles and authors so I would be able to research them if they did time out, yet typing in the exact title or author or other information would not bring up the article I needed. I would have to search something very general like just the volume number or journal collection and have to scroll through many titles to find the one I needed. - Don't know what may be going on with articles timing out, but here is a work around. Either download the article to your computer or email it to yourself. If it is an eBook, you may or may not be able to download or email the eBook, but you can email the link.
  • It's just super frustrating when I am doing research and looking for academic journals through one search and select open access and the available buttons and the access to the articles i really want to use expired years ago. - Sorry for your frustrations. It happens to librarians too, and when it does we turn in a Help Request. It usually gets solved in 24 hours. Sometime in just a few hours. So if it happens again, let us know at


  • I just want to say all of the research sessions that I have had with Mrs. Guyette through classes that I have taken have been some of the most helpful research days i have ever had. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help in any way that they can. I also love all of the amazing people at CSS.
  • I've had to conduct a great deal of research and almost never had to go outside of our library. Kent and his staff are helpful and very knowledgeable.
  • I love thrift, you guys do such an amazing job. Also Fred Guyette is a life saver and an amazing hire.
  • keep serving the students...especially the stressed ones
  • Mr. Fred Guyette is the man.  He has helped me a great deal in my research. I am grateful. Do you have video tutorials?
  • Librarians need to chill, some of them are very rude to non teaching majors
  • It would be lovely if the librarians would be a bit more kind when addressing students who are breaking the rules. I’ve never had that confrontation, but sometimes the librarians are unnecessarily rude.

Thank you for your comments.

Regarding rudeness, if you ever have a bad encounter with one of my staff, please come to me or reach out at kmillwood@andersonuniversity. While Librarians are consistently courteous and helpful is always one of our top three responses on the library survey, we want to be consistent.

Studying and Study Rooms

  • I love the group study rooms!
  • Would love more quiet study rooms
  • I enjoy having a quiet place to study!I think the only thing that needs to be improved is the space provided to use private studying rooms. With the amount of availability that students have, we end up going to try to study and there aren’t any rooms avaliable.
  • I love and enjoy Thrift library and its facilities. They are always clean and ready for me to use. The group study rooms are great and there is plenty of individual study space as well. Really, the only complaint that i have is the markers in the group study rooms dont always work, so new markers would be nice
  • I wish there was more opportunity for quiet rooms for single student study. I do not have a good living situation and it would be nice to have somewhere to go to study and be by myself.
  • While I understand the library has to limit and control the study rooms, it does not feel conducive to learning. We cannot always control if a group member does not show up to the study room and I don’t think it is fair that we are lectured for that. I also feel it could be better if we did not have to meet a certain number of people in order to get a study room, I would love to use the white board (and since we are not allowed to study anywhere else on campus) it does not seem fair that I have to have three people in order to book a room.
  • The library is clean and nice. The staff is always helpful but more study areas are needed because it is always full! The study rooms should be open to book for just one person.


We have noticed the ever growing popularity of the study rooms, particularly during certain hours, and particularly near the end of the semester. Here are a few things to remember.

  • Study room reservations require a minimum of 50% occupancy - 3 in a 6 person room, 4 in an 8, and 6 in a 12. This is done to maximize the number of students served.
  • At the same time, any size group, including single users may use a study room anytime it is not reserved - which is still more than 50% of the time. We frequently see single users using study rooms. We also offer other choices - tables, study cubicles, chairs with reading arms, etc.
  • We keep replacement markers at the Front Desk.
  • There are three whiteboards on wheels located outside the study rooms.


  • The library is a place that I love to study.  It’s quiet, I can focus easily, and I do my best work there.  However, over the years I have received a lot of backlash from the librarians pertaining to study room details that are not conducive to my learning or the learning of my fellow classmates.  First off, the minimum/maximum capacity of having people in a study room is not beneficial to learning, especially when you need a whiteboard and none of your people can make it (like making single-person study rooms).  It is also off-putting when the librarian comes into your room when your fourth person didn’t arrive on time and calls you sinners and that you need Jesus for not obeying the plan you originally scheduled.  I love the library and want to continue learning in that environment, but it honestly scares me to study in there after constant reprimanding for things out of my control.  On top of this, is this is a rapidly growing school, I noticed that there is also not very much space in the library for everyone, especially during the afternoons, since everyone is in the library needing their study time.  Several people now sit down in Books & Beans because there is no space.

Some of your concerns are addressed above your comments. Regarding your being scolded, I'm sorry you were made to feel bad. You mentioned breaking the rules by accident. In terms of enforcement, that is a kind of gray area and our responses could fall anywhere between ignoring the violation and asking you to give up the room. Keep in mind that we also have complaints from students who see under occupied rooms and want to know why we aren't enforcing our own rules. We will discuss the issue among ourselves and try to find a gentler way to enforce the rules so that you and everybody understand them and recognize that they are in place to provide the greatest benefit to the greatest number of students.


  • Also, the reference computers for the catalog search are badly out of date and are excruciatingly slow at running OneSearch.
  • I wish we could spring from our own computer. It can get difficult to get a computer or sign on. It would just make the process easier if we could print from our own computer.
  • My only concern is that the computers do not always print.  The new apple desktops are sometimes finicky.
  • It would be nice if the library had more computers/colored printers for students to use. When I have to print something in color for a class, I always have to wait or one of the computers is not working to print.
  • More computers
  • Some of the computers are very slow at times. I once spent about 15 minutes trying to print one sheet of paper. Updating some of them would be greatly appreciated.
  • This isn’t a book but if the printers were compatible to the Ipads, it would make printing so much more convenient and user friendly.

The library is very thankful for the IT Department providing computers, printers, and other technology out of their own budget and then maintaining it. Your comments have already been shared with them and we have been told to expect more computers and updates to computers. Printers will always give a certain number of problems. Once the repair calls reach certain limit, they are replaced. There is a good chance the number of wall monitors in the study rooms will increase next year. In the meantime, we have a portable video projector you can check out at the Front Desk.

  • Some of the online resources such as borrowing from other libraries require out of date technology specifically an app that does not work.

If you are talking about the mechanism for PASCAL Delivers embedded in OneSearch, try it again. It should be working. If you are talking about something else, please reach out to us. Whenever you have a problem about anything, reach out to us.


  • I believe the University should shift to using only books available for free through the library instead of requiring students to purchase new textbooks elsewhere. This is much more environmentally and economically friendly. Look for continued improvements in this area. Although many publishers refuse to sell their textbooks to libraries in the unlimited user format, we have moved from obtaining 1 in 20 textbooks to 1 in four, and have saved students over a million dollars over the past three years. We hope to get even better. 
  • Keep the writing center open longer.  We will pass on your suggestion to the Writing Center.
  • Reorganize the order of the books in the library because it’s hard to find books by topic. - Using the Library of Congress system can be challenging if you are used to the Dewey Decimal system, but it is considered the most appropriate system for universities. It is well worth you time to master. Try our help page.