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Student Library Survey 2021-22: Majors

Characteristics of Majors

Majors Score 202122

Only majors with 10 or more respondents were analyzed.


Only majors with 10 or more respondents were analyzed.

Highest Scores

  • The highest score was - The library is clean and well maintained


Lowest Scores

  • These scores were scattered across many questions with Library Hours being selected by two majors.
  • The lowest score by any major was Collections within my major (3.60) by Music.
  • Other low scores included:
  • Communications  - Borrowing from other libraries - 3.92
  • Art - Borrowing from other libraries - 3.70
  • Christian Studies - Library hours are adequate - 3.95




Average Scores

  • The highest average score was (4.58) Christian Studies.
  • The lowest average score was (4.34) by Health Professions.  Any score over 4.00 is considered good.

Suggestions for Improvement

Results for all Majors will be shared with faculty.

The library will reach out to Music to discuss the low score for Collections within my major. The only suggestions for purchases from Music were Organ Music and "More."