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Student Library Survey 2021-22: Home


The grand prize winner of a $25 Target Gift Card is Lisa R. Cox.

Special thanks to Chronicles Cafe / Books & Beans for vouchers for free Cookies.

Runners up for travel mugs, flash drives, bags, headphones, and homemade brownies are…

  • Jonathan J Parker
  • James E Jones
  • Corinne E Lowe
  • Ashley G Rose
  • Ashley G Arvidson
  • Dalvin T Gray
  • Maggie E. Wilson
  • Zoe' R Howell 
  • Tassie A Moore 
  • Shannon F Yost 
  • Madison L Gillespie 
  • Lauren E Conley 
  • Katlin Goude 
  • Emma P Bartholomew 
  • Ansley G Sanders 
  • Jasmine Cuffy 

Overall Scores 2016-17 - 2021-22

No survey was taken in 2019-20 due to COVID.

Student Library Survey Scores for 2021-22 - All Participants

FYI - Great Year!

Fourth Highest Overall Score Ever - 4.42

High Score - 4.92 - Library Facilities are clean and well maintained - We will pass on your compliments to Housekeeping.

Low Score - 4.23 - Borrowing from other libraries.- Any score above 4.00 is considered a good score. Nevertheless, since this is the lowest score of all we will concentrate on improving it in 2021-22.

Highest Category - STAFF - 4.56

Lowest Category - I UNDERSTAND HOW TO - 4.34

Extra Questions

The library has done a good job of meeting my needs during COVID-19.  TRUE     98.32%    

What percentage of the research content you use for classroom assignments comes from the Library / OneSearch? - 40.04%