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FIN 311: Books

Business Ethics Subject Headings


- Professional ethics


- Customer Service - HF 5670

- Data Processing

- Effects of Inflation - HF 5658.5

- Law and legislation - Accounting

Accounting and price fluctuations

Accounting fraud

Accounts payable - HF 5681.A27

Accounts receivable - HF 5681.A3

Applied ethics

Bribery - HV6301-HV6321


- Religious aspects – HF5388

Business enterprises

- Corrupt practices - United States - Prevention

Business ethics – HF5387

- Case studies
- United States

Business Management - H 1151.5

Businesspeople -- Religious life

Capitalism -- Moral and ethical aspects

Commercial crimes - HV6763-HV6771

Compliance auditing


- Corrupt practices – HV6783-HV6771
- Corrupt practices - United States - Prevention

Embezzlement – HV6675–HV6685

Ethics - BJ

Fraud - HV6691-HV6699

 - Prevention.

Free enterprise – HB95

- Moral and ethical aspects
- Religious aspects


- Moral and ethical aspects

Social responsibility of business – HD60-HD60.5

- Case studies

White collar crimes – HV6763-HV6771

Tax evasion – HV6341-HV6344

White collar crimes - HV6763-HV6771

Whistle blowing - HD60-HD60.5


Using OneSearch

You will find the following terms useful in a basic, key word search of OneSearch when searching for books and eBooks.

  • Business ethics
  • Finance and ethics
  • Corporate governance - Moral and ethical aspects
  • Corporations - Corrupt practices
  • Financial institutions - Ethics

Additional official subject headings are listed on the left.

Recommended Titles on Ethics and Financial Markets

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