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Nursing-Undergraduate: Stat!Ref 3D Human Anatomy & Physiology

About Stat!Ref

Teton Data Systems (TDS), a privately held company based in Jackson, Wyoming, was founded by Dr. Richard Sugden in 1987 to make healthcare reference material available electronically. For more than two decades, the company has continued to provide healthcare professionals with innovative, electronic information products and services. (From

Stat!Ref 3D Human Anatomy & Physiology

This online resource covers all a student needs to know and learn for a 2- semester Anatomy & Physiology course.
20 modules with clear 3D images and interactive models, narrated animations and illustrations, dissection slides you can label, clinical case studies, the impact of aging on each body systems, pronunciation guide, quizzes and much more.

  • Learning objectives guide the student through essential facts.
  • Narrated animations show physiological processes in a memorable way.
  • Accessible online 24/7.
  • Interactive 3D models you can rotate, add and remove layers from, and label each structure. make learning detailed anatomy fun and easy to remember and retain.
  • Quiz questions designed in several formats, help you check your progress.

For a more thorough introduction, please see the promotional video:


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