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Curriculum Lab, Virtual: Lexiles

The Virtual Curriculum Lab Research Guide is designed to assist education majors in developing classroom presentations by providing grade level resources, lesson plans, methods, tool, tips and advice.

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Lexiles are reading levels reanging from 200L for a beginning reader to 1700L for an advanced reader. Several of the library's databases allow searching content by Lexile range.
For more on Lexiles, see this page provided by Proquest.

Lexiles Reading Scores

Many of the library’s databases provide lexile reading scores which allow you to choose a written work based on its reading level when using the Advanced Search Mode. This is particularly useful for education majors who may want to assign reading on a particular grade level.



Reader Measures
(Interquartile Range, Mid-Year)

Text Measures
(from the Lexile Map)


Up to 300L

200L to 400L


140L to 500L

300L to 500L


330L to 700L

500L to 700L


445L to 810L

650L to 850L


565L to 910L

750L to 950L


665L to 1000L

850L to 1050L


735L to 1065L

950L to 1075L


805L to 1100L

1000L to 1100L


855L to 1165L

1050L to 1150L


905L to 1195L

1100L to 1200L

11 and 12

940L to 1210L

1100L to 1300L

Children's Books

Lexile Framework for Reading