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Curriculum Lab, Virtual: Games

The Virtual Curriculum Lab Research Guide is designed to assist education majors in developing classroom presentations by providing grade level resources, lesson plans, methods, tool, tips and advice.

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Music Mind Games

Music Mind Games

Music Mind Games is a curriculum of more than 300 cooperative games for teaching music theory and reading, created and developed by Michiko Yurko in the USA. Used in music studios and classrooms around the world, Music Mind Games makes music theory easy to understand and most of all, it is really fun.

Students learn sophisticated concepts involving rhythm, dictation, note reading, and sight-singing in the form of imaginative games. Thanks to a nurturing teaching philosophy, sequential pedagogical concepts, clever materials and mind-stimulating games,students grow to love and be excited about music theory.   

Music Mind Games holds the attention of young children, is a support system for developing music students, instructs parents and provides guidelines for teachers. By design, Music Mind Games is a flexible curriculum that continues to evolve and grow.


School databases contain the age level content, advice, and support you need to develop lesson plans and class assignments.

These databases contain far more than just articles. Use the Education Databases Characteristics Grid to select the appropriate databases for each of the following formats:

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