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Curriculum Lab, Virtual: Some Suggested Websites

The Virtual Curriculum Lab Research Guide is designed to assist education majors in developing classroom presentations by providing grade level resources, lesson plans, methods, tool, tips and advice.

JSTOR Teaching Resources

JSTOR Teaching Resources

Free tools for educators! We are excited to share several new tools designed to help educators and students to get the most out of JSTOR and other academic resources. This new Teaching Resources site is intended to bring these tools together into one starting point for educators.

The Teaching Resources currently highlighted on this site include:

JSTOR Classroom Readings, intended to help teachers locate articles on JSTOR for classroom use, using filters for topic, length of article, and reading level.
Understanding Shakespeare, which enables scholars to link directly from lines in plays to the articles on JSTOR that mention them.
Research Basics for High School Students, a self-paced research skills course for college-bound high school students.

PBS LearningMedia

PBS LEARNINGMEDIA CUSTOM: Your go-to destination to thousands of classroom-ready, curriculum-targeted digital resources like interactives, video clips, games and more. Includes 800+ additional hours of premium content with State Standards alignment.


Amazon's Best of 2013 books

Best Books for Children and Teens

Discover our hand-selected picks of the best new books for kids of all ages. From the top titles each month in picture books, middle grade (ages 9-12), and teen books to our favorite recent releases in board books and chapter books, these are the titles we think are the new tried and true for young readers.

Some .com links


HotChalk's Lesson Plans Page HotChalk’s Lesson Plans Page(LPP) was created with one goal in mind — making life easier for teachers. You’ll find over 4,000 relevant lesson plans here, created by teachers, proven in the classroom, and absolutely, positively, completely… free! Choose from a wide range of subject-specific plans, available for all grade levels. 
Lesson Plans Page is also a vibrant community of educators just like you that share their ideas and opinions with one another. The ability to interact with peers across the country and around the world not only strengthens the impact you can make in your classroom, but it also creates an opportunity to build professional relationships.
Teacher Planet's was originally founded by Stephen Lyons in 1997. Stephen created and maintained the website with the ultimate goal of providing resources that all educators would find useful, with a particular focus on helping teachers in the process of developing exemplary lesson plans. After years of collaboration with The Educators Network, Stephen handed the reigns over in 2009. He remains an active online contributor through his blogs and tweets. 
An ambitious project to redevelop began in June of 2009, with an official Beta launch taking place in November. The goal continues to be one of providing Tools and Resources to aide teachers in delivering curriculum that is timely, relevant and useful to their students. Through online collaboration, individual teachers can now share their lesson plans with educators in all corners of the globe.

Teachers pay Teachers Teachers Pay Teachers is the world’s first and largest open marketplace for educators to buy, sell, and share their original resources. TpT helps teachers to teach at their best and provides a community where teachers succeed.
Dr. Seussville
Welcome to the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss! Here you will find resources to share with your students, news about special events and annual celebrations, and tips on how to incorporate Seuss books into your plans throughout the school year.   
Royt the Reading Zebra

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Roy the Reading Zebra reading website. The site is home to a package of interactive games, stories and resources that have been developed to help emerging readers learn to read. The site can be used at school or at home. It's one of the most comprehensive interactive literacy resources on the net that is freely accessible... no area of the site is password protected. Recently, we have introduced a range of reading software that is sold to support the free content of the website. You will find some demos of the software within the reading games' pages.
RTZ also aims to make life easier for educators who teach reading skills. We hope you enjoy the site's simplicity, fun characters and logical structure. You'll never be more than 3 clicks (...if that!) away from what you need.

ABC's Zoo!

The ABC's Zoo!  Toddlers discover lots more than fun when they explore this zoo - they'll learn about letters and animals, too. Press any key as you tour the zoo from A to Z.  You'll hear the beginning letter of an animal's name, followed by the animal's name and a sound it makes.  If you'd like, take a detour to play the ABC song along the way! opened in September of 2002 as a free public service to teach children to read with phonics. Our systematic phonics approach, in conjunction with phonemic awareness practice, is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, special education, homeschool, and English language development (ELD, ELL, ESL). Starfall is an educational alternative to other entertainment choices for children.
In May of 2009, we released the Starfall Kindergarten Reading and Language Arts Curriculum. Our method of instruction motivates children in an atmosphere of imagination and enthusiasm, provides opportunities for child-directed instruction, and supports English language learners and struggling readers learning alongside their peers.

JOG THE WEB is a web-based tool that allows anyone to create a synchronous guide to a series of web sites.
Its step by step approach of taking viewers through web sites allowing the author to annotate and ask guiding questions for each page is unique.
Give it a try and start creating your own Jogs.

UCLA Language Materials Project (LMP)  is an on-line bibliographic database of teaching and learning materials for over 150 Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs). Funded by the US Department of Education's International Education and Research program, the LMP was created in 1992. It is affiliated with the UCLA Center for World Languages. Both groups are members of the UCLA International Institute.