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Faith and Learning: By Disicipline


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Christianity and the arts

Creative ability--Religious aspects--Christianity

Architecture and religion

Aesthetics--Religious aspects--Christianity

Business, Economics, & Marketing

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Business--Religious aspects--Christianity

Economics--Religious aspects--Christianity

Leadership--Religious aspects--Christianity

Management--Religious aspects--Christianity

Cinema & Media

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Motion pictures--Religious aspects--Christianity

Computer Science, Information Science and Librarianship

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Technology--Religious aspects--Christianity

Computer--Religious aspects--Christianity

Internet--Religious aspects--Christianity

Christian librarians--Religious life

Libraries--Religious aspects--Christianity



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Christian education--Philosophy

Education--Religious aspects

Teaching--Religious aspects--Christianity

Learning--Religious aspects--Christianity

Christian college teachers--Religious life

Universities and colleges--Religion


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Technology--Religious aspects--Christianity

Religion and science

English, Writing, & Journalism

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Religion in literature

Journalism, Religious

Christianity in literature

Christian ethics in literature

Philosophy and religion in literature


English as a Second Language

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Christianity and culture

English language--Religious aspects AND English language--Study and teaching

Hospitality--Religious aspects--Christianity

Intercultural communication--Religious aspects--Christianity

Language and languages--Religious aspects--Christianity

Teaching--Religious aspects--Christianity

Overview of Faith and Learning Dialogue

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Christian education--Philosophy

Faith and learning

Health Sciences

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Bioethics - Religious aspects - Christianity

Health - Religious aspects - Christianity

Medical ethics - Religious aspects - Christianity

Nursing - Religious aspects - Christianity

Medicine - Religious aspects - Christianity


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History--Religious aspects--Christianity


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Religion and science


Mathematics AND Religion



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Music--Religious aspects--Christianity

Singing--Religious aspects--Christianity

Music AND Religion


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Christian philosophy

Christian ethics


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Physics--Religious aspects--Christianity

Quantum theory--Religious aspects


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Christianity and justice

Christianity and politics

Christian lawyers - United States

Practice of law - Religious aspects


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Counseling--Religious aspects--Christianity

Psychotherapy--Religious aspects--Christianity

Psychology and PsyD

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Christianity - Psychology

Interpersonal relations - Religious aspects - Christianity

Psychotherapy - Religious aspects 


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Bible reading

Bible-Criticism, interpretation, etc.

Christian education

God (Christianity)

Intercultural communication-Religious aspects-Christianity

Jesus Christ - Servanthood Spiritual formation

General Science, Biology, & Chemistry

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Biology - Religious aspects -  Christianity

Evolution (Biology) - Religious aspects - Christianity

Religion and science

Social Work

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Christianity and the social sciences

Social work education - Religious aspects

Social service - Religious aspects - Christianity



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Christian sociology

Religion and sociology

Theatre & Dramatic Arts

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Theater - Religious aspects - Christianity