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Movies in the Library: Donations


Really, Eugene! You don't have to dress up in a Santa suit every time you donate a video to the library.

Donating Movies to the Library

You can never have enough movies! Or can you?

You would be amazed at how many old movies are lying around the house unused, unwanted, and in need of a good library where they can have a second life.

The Thrift Library is happy to take DVD donations if they conform to our donation policy. (See Book Donations page)

Academic vs. Recreational Collections

The vast majority of the Thrift Library's video collection is academic in nature.

Due to the fact that we are a university, we spend very little money for "recreational" reading and "recreational" viewing. Consequently, most of our movies were either donated to us or are the film version of a book we might study in class such as:

  • Shakespeare's Hamlet or Fitsgerald's Great Gatsby
  • An historical drama like Amadeus or Braveheart
  • A dramatization of a topic studied in class such as ethics, race, immigration, religion, war, marriage, poverty, etc.
  • Musicals and operas in support of Music and Theatre majors.

We welcome non-academic videos as gifts.