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Research: Getting Started: Faceted Searching

Library Catalog

Faceted Searching

If you have used Amazon, NetFlix, and most online shopping sites, you are already familiar with Faceted Searching. The same mechcanisms are availing in the Library Catalog and most of our databases.

Faceted Searching allows you to type in a search term, review the results, and then click on a "Facet" - a part of the results. Each click narrows the results another time until you have only the results you want.

For instance, if you typed Shakespeare, you could then narrow your results by clicking on Book, eBook, or DVD. You could narrow it further by clicking on Shakespeare as an Author or Subject.

You could choose from a number of suggested subject terms such History, Criticism and interpretation, English drama, English poetry, Comedies, Tragedies. etc.

You could even pick a particular publication year or date.

Faceted Searching is quick and easy because you don't have to type a lot or think a lot. The computer does it for you.

Try Faceted Searching

Go the the Library Catalog and find:

  • A DVD of a play by Shakespeare dealing with courtship.
  • An eBook about Annie Oakley
  • A book about the Vietnam War written during the sixties.

Compare the results of the following searches: Which has more results? Which is more relevant?

  • Teaching art in the elementary school
  • Art education (Then narrow by clicking on Study and teaching (Elementary)