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Subject Headings: Spanish

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Spanish Subject Headings

Spanish – P 10-100

Spanish American drama- PQ7082.D7 (History) and PQ7084.5 (Collections)

To 1800

20th Century

Spanish American Essays

BT Spanish American Literature

Spanish American Fiction – PQ 7082 (History) and PQ7085 (Collections)

Historical Fiction, Spanish American

Picaresque literature, Spanish American

Political Fiction, Spanish American

To 1800

19th Century

20th Century

Spanish American Literature – PQ7081-PQ8560

Spanish American poetry – PQ7082.P7 (History) and PQ7084 (Collections)

Spanish American prose literature – PQ7085

Spanish Americans (Latin America)

Spanish drama – PQ6099-PQ6129 (History) and PQ6217-PQ6241 (Collections)

College and school drama, Spanish

Domestic drama, Spanish

Pastoral drama, Spanish

Political plays, Spanish

Spanish drama (Comedy) – PQ6120 (History) and PQ6233 (Collections)

Spanish drama (Tragedy)

Spanish language – PC4001-PC4977

To 1500 – PC4715

Classical Period, 1500-1700

Early modern, 1500-1700

Business Spanish – PC4120.C6

Spanish Literature – PQ6001-PQ8929

Dialect literature, Spanish

Pastoral literature, Spanish

Priests’ writings, Spanish

Spanish philology- PC4001-PC4071

Spanish poetry –PQ6075-PQ6098 (History), PQ6174.95-PQ6215

NT Children’s poetry, Spanish

Christian poetry, Spanish

College verse, Spanish

Dialect poetry, Spanish

Epic poetry, Spanish

Folk poetry, Spanish

Haiku, Spanish

Pastoral poetry, Spanish

Prose poems, Spanish

Sonnets, Spanish

To 1500

Classical Period, 1500-1700

18th century

19th century

20th century

Spanish prose literature – PQ6131-PQ6153 (History), PQ6247-PQ6264 (Collections)

Spanish prose poems

USE Proverbs, Spanish

Spanish Teachers