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Subject Headings: Chemistry

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Chemistry Subject Headings


Chemical affinity (QD505.5)

Chemical apparatus (QD53)

Chemical bonds

Chemical elements (QD466-QD467)

Chemical engineering (TP155)

Chemical industry [(HD9650-HD9660) economics] [(TP200-TP248) technology]

Chemical laboratories (QD51)

Chemical models

Chemical plants

Chemical process (TP155.7)

Chemical reaction, conditions and laws of (QD501)

Chemical reactions

Chemical spills (TD196.C45)

Chemical Structure (QD471)

Chemical Systems (QD503)


Chemistry (QD)


Chemistry, inorganic

Chemistry, organic

Chemistry, physical and theoretical


Nomenclature (QD7)

Notation (QD7)

Problems, Exercise, etc (QD42)


Study and teaching (QD40-QD45)

Vocational Guidance

Chemistry, Analytic (QD71-QD142)
--Qualitative [(QD81-QD98) inorganic analysis] [(QD271.7) Organic]

--Quantitative [(QD101-QD117) inorganic analysis] [(QD271.4) organic analysis]

Chemistry, inorganic (QD146-QD197)

Chemistry, organic (QD241-QD441)

Chemistry, Physical and Theoretical (QD450-QD731)

Chemistry, physical organic (QD476)

Chemistry, Technical (TP)

Chemists (QD21-QD22)