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Subject Headings: Costume and Fashion

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Costume and Fashion Subject Headings

Beauty, Personal

GT499 (Manners and Customs)
HQ1219-HQ1220 (Beauty in Women)
RA776.98-RA778 (Grooming)

Belts (Clothing)

Clothing and dress

GN418-GN419 (Ethnology)
GT500-GT2370 (Manners and customs)
TT507 (Theory and design)
TX340 (Home economics)

- Physiological aspects
- Religious aspects
- Social aspects - GT525


GT2340-BGT2341 (Manners and customs)
RA778 (Personal use)
TP983-TP986 (Manufacture)

Costume - GT2250–GT2281

- History
      - To 500 – GT 530–GT560
      - Medieval, 500–1500 – GT575
      - 17th century – GT585
      - 18th century – GT 585
      - 19th century – GT 595
      - 20th century – GT596
- Religious aspects
- Social aspects- Symbolic aspects
- Symbolic aspects

Costume design – TT507

Costume designers

Costume jewelry – NK4890.C67

Decorative arts

Dress – SEE Clothing and dress

Dress accessories

Ethnic costume



Fashion drawing - TT505

Fashion in motion pictures

Fashion photography - TR679

Hair ornaments



Headgear – GT 2110- GT 2112


GT2250-GT2281 (Costume)
NK7300-NK7695 (Decorative arts)
TS720-TS761 (Manufacturers)

- History
    - 19th century-NK309.8
    - 20th century- NK7310

Jewelry, Ancient - NK7307

Jewelry, Renaissance - NK7309.3

Manners and customs – GT

Makeup – See Theatrical makeup


Nationalism and costume


Theater – PN 207.M 37

Theatrical makeup – PN 2068

Vintage clothing

Wedding costume

Women’s clothing – GT 1720