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Subject Headings: Painting and Drawing

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Painting and Drawing Subject Headings

Painting and Drawing – N6400, ND237

May subdivide by time period

  • Painting - 17th century
  • Painting - 18th century
  • Painting - 19th century
  • Painting - 20th century
  • etc.

May specify country

  • Painting, French
  • Painting, German
  • Panting, Italian

May specify genre

  • Cubism
  • Figure painting
  • Impressionism (Art)
  • etc.


Acrylic painting – ND1535 (Techniques)

Art - N

Artists – N40

Brushwork – ND1505

Canvas stretching

Charcoal drawing- NC850


Drawing - NC

Expressionism (Art) - ND1265

Figure painting – ND1290

Figure drawing

Graphic arts

Human figure in art

Impressionism (Art)

Ink painting

Landscape painting – ND1340-ND1367

Mixed-media painting

Mural painting and decoration – ND2250-ND2876

Naturalism in art

Oil sketches

Painters – SEE Geographic Subdivisions under Art

Painting - ND

- Study and teaching

- N81-N390

- ND115-ND1120

-Technique - ND1470-ND1475

- Themes and motives

Painting, Abstract

Painting, American

Painting, Ancient – ND70-ND130

Painting, Asian

Painting, Australian

Painting, Baroque

Painting, British

Painting, Byzantine

Painting, Chinese

Painting, Colonial

Painting, Dutch

Painting, Early Christian

Painting, European

Painting, French

Painting, German

Painting, Gothic

Painting, Greco Roman

Painting, Greek

Painting, Italian

Painting, Medieval – ND140-ND145

Painting, Modern

Painting, Prehistoric

Painting, Renaissance

  • ND170
  • ND615 (Italian)

Painting, Rococo

Painting, Roman

Painting, Romanesque

Painting, Russian

Painting, Spanish

Painting, Victorian

Painting in literature

Paintings – SEE Painting

Pen drawing – NC905

Pencil drawing – NC890-NC895

Perspective – NC749-NC750

Portrait drawing

Portrait painting

  • ND1329.8-ND1337
  • ND2200 (Watercolors)

-Portraits – N7575-N7649

Postimpressionism (Art)

Still life painting

  • ND1390-ND1400
  • - ND2290-ND2305 (Watercolor)

Sketching – SEE Drawing

Tempera painting – ND2470

Watercolor painting – ND1700-ND2495

Wildlife painting – ND1380-ND1383