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Subject Headings: Interior Design

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Interior Design Subject Headings

Interior design - SEE Interior decoration

Interior architecture – NA 2850

Interior decoration

  • Art – NK 1700 – NK 3505
  • Home economics – TX 311 – 317
  • Careers - NK 2116

NOTE: Use these official subject headings when conducting a subject search OneSearch. 

ADA - SEE - Americans with Disabilities Act


  • Barrier-free design - Law and legislation 
  • Public buildings - Barrier-free design

Aging in place - SEE Older people - Housing


  • Barrier-free design - NA 2545
  • Older people - Services for
  • Older people - Dwellings - NA 7195.A4
  • Retirement communities
  • Universal design

Antiques in interior decoration - NK 1125

Architectural design - History

Architecture - History - NA 190-1555.5

Architecture, Domestic - NA 7100-7884

Architecture, Commercial - NA

Barrier-free design - NA 2545


  • NK  2117 (Interior decoration)
  • TH 6485-6496 (Buildings)

Building codes

  • SEE Building laws
  • SEE ALSO - Construction industry - Standards

Buildings - TH

  • Environmental engineering – TH 6014–6085



Ceramics - NK 3700-4695 

Color in architecture – NA 2795

Color in design – NK 1548

Color in interior decoration – NK 2115.5.C6

Commercial buildings

  • NA 6210 - 6280 (Architecture)
  • TH 4311 - 4315 (Construction)

Commercial buildings - Decoration - NK 2195.C65

Contract Design - SEE

  • Contracts for work and labor
  • Design services
  • Design services - Marketing
  • Interior Decoration - Economic aspects


Decoration and ornament – NK 1160 -1590


  • Drawing – NC 703
  • Decoration – NK 1160 –1590

Design services

Draperies in interior decoration

Ergonomics - USE Human engineering - TA 166 -167

Feng shui - BF 1779

Finish hardware - TH 6010

Floor coverings – HD 9937


  • Art – NK 2200 –2750
  • Handicraft – TT 194 –199.4
  • Manners and customs – GT 450
  • Technology – TS 880 – 889


  • Architect designed furniture
  • Built-in furniture
  • Country furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Schools Furniture, equipment, etc.

Furniture - Styles - NK 2235

Furniture design

  • NK 2260 (Decorative arts) 
  • TT 196 (Handicraft)


  • in Architecture - 
  • in Interior Decoration - NK 5100-5440

Green buildings - SEE Sustainable buildings

Green design - SEE Sustainable design

House furnishings- TX 311

House plants in interior decoration

Human centered design - SEE Universal Design


  • Architecture - Human factors
  • Human engineering
  • Interior Decoration - Human factors

Human engineering

SEE ALSO - Proxemics

Interior decoration accessories – NK 2115.5.A25

Interior decoration firms

Interior decoration rendering – NK 2113.5

Interior decorators

Interior design - SEE Interior decoration

Interior landscaping – SB 419.25

Interior lighting

Interior walls – TH 2239

Kitchens - 

  • NA 8330 (Architecture)
  • TX 653 (Arraignment)

Kitchens - Remodeling - TH 4816.3.K58

LEED - ​SEE - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design 

  • SEE ALSO - Sustainable buildings - Design and construction - Standards


  • GT 440-445 (Manners and customs)
  • TH 7700 - 7975 (Technology)

Lighting - Architectural and decorative – NK 2115.5.L5

  • Technology - TH 7700-7975


Mural painting and decoration

NCIDQ - SEE National Council for Interior Design Qualification

Office decoration – NK 2195.O4


Rugs and carpets - NK 2775- 2898 



Store decoration

Sustainable architecture - NA 2542.36

Sustainable buildings


  • Architecture - Decision making
  • Buildings, Performance -TH453
  • Buildings - Energy conservation - TJ 163,5.B84
  • Environmental engineering - TA 170-TA171

Sustainable design - NK 1520


  • Art – NK 2975 –3096
  • Manufacture – TS 1780

Textile design

  • Art industries - NK 8800-8999
  • Textile industries - TS 1475

Textile fabrics

  • Decorative arts – NK 8800-8899.5
  • Manufactures - TS 1760-1770

Textile fabrics in interior decoration - NK 2115.5.F3

Tiles in interior decoration

Upholstered furniture


  • Art industries - NK 3175-3296.3 
  • Mechanic trades - TT 198

Universal design

SEE ALSO - Barrier-free design

Victoriana in interior decoration.

Wall coverings – NK 2115.5.W3

Wall hangings

  • Decorative arts – NK 2910
  • Handicrafts - TT 850.2

Wallpapers - NK 3375-3496.3 


  • NA 2940 (Architecture)
  • TH 2201- 2251 (Building)

SEE ALSO - Interior walls - TH 2239

Wayfinding - SEE

  • Communication in design. - NK 1510
  • Communication in architectural design. -  NA 2750
  • Signs and signboards - Design
  • Public spaces - Psychological aspects 


  • in Architecture – NA 3000 – 3020
  • in Buildings - TH 226
  • in Interior Decoration – NK 2121
  • USE ALSO - Architecture - Details - NA 283.5 - 3060


Architecture  (add the country, state, or city of your choice – Greece, France, California, Rome, etc.) 
Here are entered works on the design and style of structures. Works on the process of construction are entered under Building. General works on structures or edifices are entered under Buildings.

Architecture, Aeollic
Architecture, American
Architecture, Ancient
Art deco (Architecture)
Art nouveau (Architecture)
Arts and crafts movement
Architecture, Asian
Architecture, Assyro-Babylonian
Architecture, Baroque
Architecture, British
Architecture, British colonial 
Brutalism (Architecture)
Architecture, Byzantine 
Byzantine revival (Architecture)
Architecture, Caroline
Architecture, Carolingian 
Architecture, Celtic
Architecture, Chinese
Architecture, Classical
Classicism in Architecture

Church decoration and ornament

Color in architecture
Architecture, Colonial
Constructivism (Architecture)
Craftsman – SEE Arts and crafts movement
Cubism (Architecture) 
Architecture, Danish
Deconstructivism (Architecture)
Architecture, Dutch
Architecture, Domestic
Architecture, Domestic – 
Architecture, Domestic - 17th century
Architecture, Domestic - 18th century
Architecture, Domestic - 19th century
Architecture, Domestic - 20th century
Architecture, Domestic - 21st century
Architecture, Domestic - African influences 
Architecture, Domestic - Asian influences 
Architecture, Domestic - Carpenter Gothic 
Architecture, Domestic - English influences 
Architecture, Domestic - Italian influences
Architecture, Domestic - Mediterranean influences
Architecture, Domestic - Mission style Architecture, Domestic - Shingle style
Architecture, Domestic - Spanish influences
Architecture, Domestic - Stick style
Architecture, Early Christian 
Eclecticism in architecture
Architecture, Edwardian
Egyptian revival (Architecture)
Architecture, Elizabethan
Architecture, English
Architecture, Etruscan
Architecture, European
Architecture, Finnish
Architecture, Flemish
Architecture, French
Architecture, French colonial
Functionalism (Architecture)
Architecture, Gallo-Roman
Architecture, Georgian
Architecture, German
Architecture, Gothic
Architecture, Gothic – Decorated style
Architecture, Gothic – Flamoyant style
Architecture, Gothic - Perpendicular style
Gothic revival (Architecture)
Architecture, Greek
Architecture, Hellenistic
Architecture, High Gothic
Architecture, Industrial 
International style (Architecture)
Islamic architecture
Architecture, Italian
Architecture, Jacobean
Architecture, Japanese
Architecture, Late Gothic
Architecture, Lombard
Mannerism (Architecture)
Architecture, Medieval
Architecture, Merovingian
Architecture, Minoan
Architecture, Modern
Architecture, Modern – 17th century
Architecture, Modern – 18th century
Architecture, Modern – 19th century
Architecture, Modern – 20th century
Architecture, Modern – 21st century
Modern movement (Architecture)
Architecture, Mycenaean
National romanticism (Architecture)
Neoclassicism (Architecture)
Neue Sachlichkeit (Architecture)
Architecture, Norman
Architecture, Norse
Architecture, Norwegian
Architecture, Ottoman
Architecture, Phoenician
Architecture, Portuguese
Architecture, Postmodern
Architecture, Prehistoric
Architecture, Primitive
Architecture, Public
Architecture, Punic
Architecture, Queen Anne
Queen Anne revival (Architecture)
Radical architecture
Rationalism (Architecture)
Architecture, Regency
Architecture, Renaissance
Renaissance revival (Architecture)
Romanesque revival (Architecture)
Architecture, Rococo
Architecture, Roman 
Architecture, Romanesque
Architecture, Saafavid
Architecture, Scottish
Architecture, Seljuk 
Shaker architecture
Architecture, Spanish
Architecture, Spanish colonial 
Structuralism (Architecture)
Architecture, Swedish
Architecture, Tibetan
Architecture, Tropical
Architecture, Tudor
Architecture, Turkish
Architecture, Victorian
Architecture, Visigothic

See also: 

  • Buildings—Design and construction
  • Construction
  • Western architecture (Western countries)

See names of individual architects, furniture makers, designers– Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe,  Gustav Stickley, William Morris

See names of individual countries, states, or cities: Architecture - Egypt, Architecture – Finland, Furniture –France, Interior decoration – Italy, Decoration and ornament – England, Architecture - Rome – Italy

See names of civilizations – Aztec architecture, Celtic architecture, Minoan architecture

See names of individual religions – Hindu architecture, Islamic architecture, Buddhist architecture

See names of individual structures – Church - Architecture, Dwellings – Architecture, Bungalows, Straw bale houses, Skyscrapers, Barns, Hospital architecture

See individual time periods - Architecture - 18th Century, Architecture - 19th Century, Architecture—Japan—History—Meiji, period, 1868-1912

Decorative arts / Decoration and ornament

Decorative arts - Here are entered comprehensive works on the various art forms having some utilitarian as well as decorative purpose, including furniture, woodwork, silverware, glassware, ceramics, textiles, the decoration of buildings, etc.
Decorative arts, Ancient
Decorative arts, Anglo-Saxon
Decorative arts – Asian influences   (May add names of other influences – Chinese, Egyptian, European, Japanese, Oriental, Turkish influences.)
Decorative arts, Baroque
Buddhist decorative arts
Decorative arts – China (May add names of other countries Egypt, Greece, Italy, etc.)
Decorative arts, Colonial
Decorative arts, Early American
Decorative arts, Early Christian
Decorative arts, Fatimid
Decorative arts, Frankish
Decorative arts, Germanic
Decorative arts, Gothic
Hispanic American decorative arts
Islamic decorative arts
Japanese American decorative arts
Decorative arts, Medieval
Decorative arts, Moravian
Ottoman decorative arts
Pennsylvania Dutch decorative arts
Decorative arts, Renaissance
Decorative arts, Rococo
Shaker decorative arts
Decorative arts, Spanish colonial
Decorative arts, Victorian 
Decoration and ornament  (May add name of country, state, or city)  
Decoration and ornament, Abbasid 
Decoration and ornament, Ancient  
Decoration and ornament, Anglo-Saxon
Decoration and ornament, Architectural
Decoration and ornament — Art deco
Decoration and ornament — Art nouveau
Decoration and ornament — Australasia
Decoration and ornament, Baroque 
Decoration and ornament — Biedermeier style
Buddhist decoration and ornament
Decoration and ornament, Byzantine 
Decoration and ornament, Celtic 
Decoration and ornament — China
Decoration and ornament — Chinese influences
Decoration and ornament — Chippendale style
Decoration and ornament — Classical influences
Decoration and ornament — Constructivism
Decoration and ornament — Cubism
Decoration and ornament — Depression modern style
Decoration and ornament — Directoire style
Decoration and ornament, Early American
Decoration and ornament — Edwardian style
Decoration and ornament — Egyptian revival
Decoration and ornament, Elizabethan
Decoration and ornament — Empire style
Decoration and ornament — Federal style
Decoration and ornament — Futurism
Decoration and ornament — Georgian style
Decoration and ornament, Germanic 
Decoration and ornament, Gothic 
Decoration and ornament — Greek influences
Decoration and ornament — Grisaille
Decoration and ornament — Henry II style
Decoration and ornament — Henry IV style
Hindu decoration and ornament
Indian decoration and ornament
Decoration and ornament — International style
Decoration and ornament, Iranian 
Islamic decoration and ornament
Decoration and ornament — Islamic influences
Decoration and ornament — Italian influences
Decoration and ornament, Jacobean 
Jewish decoration and ornament
Decoration and ornament — Korea
Decoration and ornament — Louis XIII style
Decoration and ornament — Louis XIV style
Decoration and ornament — Louis XV style
Decoration and ornament — Louis XVI style
Decoration and ornament — Louis-Philippe style
Decoration and ornament — Mannerism
Decoration and ornament, Medieval 
Decoration and ornament — Mission style
Navajo decoration and ornament
Decoration and ornament — Neoclassicism
Decoration and ornament — Oriental influences
Decoration and ornament, Prehistoric 
Decoration and ornament, Primitive 
Pueblo decoration and ornament
Decoration and ornament — Queen Anne style
Decoration and ornament — Régence style
Decoration and ornament, Renaissance
Decoration and ornament — Restoration style
Decoration and ornament, Rococo 
Decoration and ornament, Roman  
Decoration and ornament, Romanesque
Decoration and ornament, Rustic (See also - Country furniture)
Decoration and ornament — Second Empire style

Dwellings and buildings by type / Design aspects

Dwellings  (May Subd Geog)
Here are entered works on the history and description of human shelters. Works on the social and economic aspects of housing are entered under Housing. Works on the architectural aspects of residences are entered under Architecture, Domestic

Add names of individual countries and cities. Dwellings – France, Dwellings – Rome.

Search for names of specific dwellings - Ashley Hall Plantation, Frank Lloyd Wright House, Breakers, etc 

Buildings  (May Subd Geog)
When this heading is subdivided by names of cities, an additional subject entry is made under the name of the city with subdivision Buildings, structures, etc.
Here are entered general works on structures or edifices. Works on the design and style of structures are entered under Architecture. Works on the process of construction are entered under Building. 

Dwellings  (May Subd Geog)
Here are entered works on the history and description of human shelters. Works on the social and economic aspects of housing are entered under Housing. Works on the architectural aspects of residences are entered under Architecture, Domestic

Add names of individual countries and cities. Dwellings – France, Dwellings – Rome.

Search for names of specific dwellings - Ashley Hall Plantation, Frank Lloyd Wright House, Breakers, etc 

Buildings  (May Subd Geog)
When this heading is subdivided by names of cities, an additional subject entry is made under the name of the city with subdivision Buildings, structures, etc.
Here are entered general works on structures or edifices. Works on the design and style of structures are entered under Architecture. Works on the process of construction are entered under Building. 
Types of buildings and houses
Abandoned buildings
Abandoned houses
Adobe houses
Animal housing
Architect-designed houses
Architecture, Domestic
Archive buildings
Atrium buildings
Brick houses
Brownstone buildings
Building layout
Buildings, Portable
Camp buildings
Central-plan buildings
Church buildings
Commercial buildings
Concentration camp buildings
Concrete houses
Courtyard houses
Earth sheltered houses
Engine houses (Railroads)
Exhibition buildings
Farm buildings
Field houses
Fire stations
Garden structures
Gingerbread houses
Half-timbered buildings
Half-timbered houses
Health facilities
Types of buildings and houses, cont.
Historic buildings
Houses, Abandoned
Illegal buildings
Imaginary buildings
Indian dance lodges
Industrial buildings
Intelligent buildings
Joint occupancy of buildings
Log-end houses
Marble buildings
Metal buildings
Metal houses
Model houses
Multipurpose buildings
Museum buildings
Octagonal houses
Office buildings
Plank houses
Pole houses
Prefabricated houses
Public buildings
Public works
Ranger stations
Rotating buildings
Ruined buildings
School buildings
Single story houses
Small buildings
Small houses
Sod houses
Solar buildings
Steel houses
Stone buildings
Stone houses
Sunday school buildings
Sustainable buildings
Tall buildings
Thatched buildings
Transportation buildings
Two-story houses
Usable floor space
Vertical evacuation structures
Wooden-frame buildings 

Design aspects of buildings
Air conditioning
Architecture - Conservation and restoration
Architecture – Details
Architecture - Human factors
Barrier free design 
Building fittings 
Building materials 
Buildings - Additions
Buildings - Additions design and construction
Buildings - Aerodynamics
Buildings - Airtightness
Buildings - Communication systems
Buildings - Computer-aided design
Buildings - Energy conservation
Buildings - Environmental engineering
Buildings - Maintenance
Buildings - Performance 
Buildings - Remodeling for other use
Buildings - Repair and reconstruction
Buildings - Retrofitting
Buildings - Specifications
Buildings - Utilization
Buildings – Vibration
Buildings, Octagonal
Buildings, Prefabricated
Color in architecture
Dwellings - Access
Dwellings - Air conditioning
Dwellings – Barrier free design
Dwellings - Design and construction
Dwellings - Earthquake effects
Dwellings – Energy conservation
Dwellings - Environmental engineering
Dwellings - Foundations
Dwellings - Heating and ventilation
Dwellings - Insulation
Dwellings – Lighting
Dwellings - Maintenance and repair
Dwellings - Psychological aspects
Dwellings - Religious aspects
Dwellings – Remodeling
Dwellings - Social aspects
Dwellings -Soundproofing
Dwellings -Thermal properties
Dwellings, Prehistoric
Environmental engineering
Exterior walls 
Interior lighting