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Subject Headings: Art

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Art Subject Headings


  • BH (Philisophy)
  • N61-N79 (Art)

Anatomy, Artistic - NC760
Antiques - NK
Art – N

- Catalogs
- Censorship - N8740
- Forgeries – N870—N9791
- Handling – N8585
- History – N5300-N7415
- Marketing –HF5410-HF5417.5
- Matting-TS1779.M2
- Philosophy-B-BJ
- Psychology – N71
- Reproduction – N8580
- Study and teaching
- Technique – N7430-7433
- Themes, motives
- Vocational guidance – N8350

Art – History – N5300--N7415
Art, Aboriginal Australian
Art, Abstract – N6490
Art, African
Art, American
– 20th century
Art, Ancient – N5315-N5899
Art, Arab
Art, Asian
Art, Assyro-Babylonian
Art, British
Art, Byzantine
Art, Caribbean
Art, Celtic
Art, Central American – N6560
Art, Chinese

- QUIN-HAN-To 221 B.C. – N7343.22
- Three kingdoms-Sui dynasty, 220-618
- Tang-Five dynasties, 618-960- N7343.3
- Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368—N7343.4
- Ming-Qing dynasties, 1368-1912-N7343.5
- 20th century – N7345
- 21st century

Art, Classical – N5610
Art, Colonial
Art, Comparative – N7428.5-N7429
Art, Dutch
Art, Early Christian – N7832
Art, Early Gothic
Art, Early Renaissance
Art, Egyptian
Art, Elizabethan
Art, English
Art, Etruscan
Art, European
Art, French
Art, Georgian
Art, German
Art, Gothic
Art, Greco-Roman
Art, Greek
Art, High Gothic
Art, High Renaissance
Art, Hindu
Art, Islamic – N6260-N6271
Art, Italian
Art, Late Gothic
Art, Late Renaissance
Art, Latin American
Art, Medieval – N 5940-N6311
Art, Mexican
Art, Minoan
Art, Modern – N6350-N6494 (use for 17th century forward)
Art, Modern - 17h century
Art, Modern - 18th century
Art, Modern – 19th century
Art, Modern - 20th century
Art, Pennsylvania Dutch
Art, Prehistoric – N5310-N5310.5
Art, Primitive – N5310.7-N5311
Art, Renaissance
Art, Roman
Art, Romanesque – N6280
Art, Russian
Art, Soviet
Art, Spanish
Art and literature – PN53
Art and mythology – N7760
Art and religion
Art appreciation
Art criticism – N7475-N7485
Art critics-N/A
Art deco – N6494 .A7
Art education (K-12) – LB800, N300
Art in education-N/A
Art in interior decoration
Art in literature – PN682.A7
Art in universities and colleges
Art movements
Art museums
Art nouveau
Art objects – NK
Art portfolios
Art schools
Art students
Art teachers
Art therapy – RC489.A7
Art therapy for children – RJ505.A7
Artists – N40 (biography), TR681.A7 (photographic portraits)
Artists’ materials – N 8530-N8540
Artists’ studios – N8520
Artists’ tools – N8543
Art and literature-PN53
Art and mythology-N7760
Art and popular culture-N72.S6
Art and state-N8700-N8850
Art metalwork – NK6400-NK8450



Arts and children – NX180 .C45
Arts and crafts movement – NK1135-1149.5
Christian art and symbolism

  • BV150-BV168
  • N7810-N8189.6

- Theology – BV150 – BV168
- Christian art – N7810 – N8189.6

Christianity and art
Christianity and the arts
Classicism in art
Color in art
Commercial art – NC997- NC1003
Composition (art) – N7429.7 – N7430
Computer art-

-N7433.8-N433.85 (VISUAL ARTS)

Conceptual art-

- N6494.C63 (VISUAL ARTS)
- NX600.C6 (THE ARTS)

Decoration and ornament – NK1160 – NK1590
Decorative arts
Drawing - NC
Expressionism (art) – ND1265
Folk art – N5312 – N5313
Found objects (Art)
Formalism (art)
Graphic arts
Human figure in art – N7570 – N7649

- Sculpture – NB1930
- Drawings – NC760 – NC775
- Painting – ND1290 – ND1337

- Design –NK1550

Illustration of books – NC960 – NC995.8
Installations (Art)
Kinetic art- N6494.K5
Law and art-
Masterpiece, Artistic – N72.5
Mobiles (Sculpture) – NB1315
Multimedia (Art)
- 20th century art – N6494.M78
- General visual arts – N7433.92

Mural Painting and decoration – ND2550 – ND2876
Naturalism in art
Neoromantacism (Art movement)
Optical art
Pictures – N350 – N375
Portraits – N7575 – N7649
Post-impressionism (Art)

- Advertising – HF5843
- Design – NC 1800 – NC1850

Pre-Raphaelitism – ND467.5.P7
Primitivism in art – N 7432.5.P7
Process art-N6494.P72
Proportion (Art)

  • N7431-N7431.5 (General)
  • NC745 (drawing)

Psychoanalysis and art – N72.P74
Psychology and art
Psychology in art-
Public art – N8700 – N9165
Realism in art
Sculpture - NB
Symbolism in art – N7740