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Subject Headings: Education K-12

Subject Headings

Absenteeism – SEE School attendance

Academic motivation – SEE Motivation in education

Accelerated schools – SEE Educational acceleration

Active learning – LB1027.23

Activity programs in education – LB1027.25

Adult education - H1187

After-school programs – LC34.4

Art in education

Alternative schools – LC46-LC46.8

Assessment – SEE Educational tests and measurements

Athletics – GV561-GV749.5

Auditory learning style – SEE Cognitive learning

Bilingual Education – SEE Education, Bilingual

Block scheduling (Education) – LB3032.2

Business education – HF1101-HF1186

Career development

  • HF5381-HF5382.5 (Vocational guidance)
  • HF5549.5.C35 (Personnel management)

Career education – LC1037-LC1037.8

Case method

  • LB1029.C37 (Education)
  • T65.5.C3 (Technical education)

Character building – LC251-LC301

Character education – SEE Moral education

Charter schools – LB2806.36

Cheating (Education)  

Christian education

Church and college – LC383

Church and education

  • LA95-LA131 (History of education)
  • LC107-LC120 (Separation of church and schools)
  • LC361-LC629 (Church education)

Class size – LB3616

Classroom management – LB3013

Classical education – LC1001-LC1021

Cognitive learning

Cognitive styles – BF311

Compacting – SEE Curriculum planning

Competency based education – LC1031-LC1034.5

Computer-assisted instruction – LB1028-LB1028.7

Concept learning – LB1062

Cooperative learning – SEE Group work in education

Continuing education – LC5201-LC6660.4

Corporal punishment of children – HQ770.4

Curriculum based assessment – LB3060.32.C74

Curriculum evaluation

Curriculum planning – LB2806.I5

Desegregation in education – SEE School integration

Discipline – SEE Classroom management

Discrimination in education – LC212-LC212.863

Distance education – LC5800-LC5808

Drama in Christian education – BV1524.4

Drama in education – PN3171

Dropouts – LC142-LC145

Education – L

-          Aims and objectives- LB41 (Essays)

-          Curricula –LB1570-LB1571 (Elementary schools)

-          Law and legislation

-          Economic aspects—LC65-LC67

-          Evaluation

-          Experimental methods—LB1027.3

-          Finance—LB2824-LB2830.5

-          History

-          Parent participation

-          Philosophy—LB125-LB875

-          Research- LB1028-LB1028.25

-          Standards

-          Statistics

-          Study and teaching

Education, Preschool—LB1140-LB1140.5

Education, Bilingual—LC3701-LC3743

Education, Compulsory--LC129-LC139

Education, Cooperative—LC 1049-LC1049.8

Education, Elementary—LB1555-LB1602

Education, Higher

Education, Humanistic

  • LA106-lA108 (Renaissance)
  • LC1001-LC1024

Education, Primary – LB1501-LB1547

Education, Rural—LC5146-LC5148

Education, Secondary

Education, Urban—LC5101-LC5143

Education (Christian Theology)—BT738.17

Education and crime—HV6166

Education and state—LC71-LC188

Educational acceleration—LB1029.A22

Educational accountability—LB2806.22

Educational change

Educational counseling—LB1027.5-LB1027.8

Educational equalization—LC213-LC213.3

Educational evaluation—LB2822.75

Educational exchanges

  • LB2283-LB2286 (Teachers)
  • LB2375-LB2378 (Students)

Educational games

  • GV1480 (Play)
  • LB1029.G3 (Education)

Educational indicators—LB2846

Educational innovations—LB1027

Educational law and legislation

Educational leadership

Educational planning—LC71.2

Educational productivity—LB2806.24

Educational psychologists

Educational psychology - LB1051-LB1091

Educational sociology—LC189-LC214.53

Educational statistics—LB2846

Educational surveys—LB2823

Educational technology -- LB1028.3

Educational tests and teasurements—LB3051-LB3060.87

Educational vouchers


  • LA2301-LA2397 (Biography)
  • LB51-LB875 (Theories and systems)

Effective teaching

Elementary school principals – LB2831.9-LB2831.976

Elementary school teachers – LB1776

Elementary school teaching

Elementary schools

Experiential learning – BF318.5

For profit schools – SEE Private schools

Foreign study

  • LB1696-LB1696.6 (Secondary education)
  • LB2375-LB2378 (Higher education)

Formative testing – SEE Educational tests and measurements

Gifted children

  • BF723.G5 (Psychology)
  • HQ773.5 (Child rearing)
  • LC3881-LC4000 (Education)  

Grading and marking (Students) – LB3051-LB3063

Group work in education – LB1032

Guidance counselors – SEE Student counselors

High school attendance – LC146-LC146.8

High school dropouts – LC146.5-LC146.8

High school graduates

High school students

High school teachers – LB1777-LB1777.4

High school teaching – LB1737

High schools - LB1603-LB1694

Home schooling – LC40

Inclusive education – LC1200-LC1203

Individualized instruction – LB1031

Individualized reading instruction

  • LB1050.38 (General)
  • LB1525.56 (Primary)
  • LB1573.45 (Elementary)

Integration – SEE School integration

International study – SEE Foreign study

Junior high school principals - LB2831.9-LB2831.976

Junior high school students

Junior high school teachers

Junior high schools – LB1623

Learning – LB1060

Learning, Psychology of

  • BF318 (Psychology)
  • LB1060-LB1091 (Educational psychology)

Learning ability – LB1134

Learning by discovery

Learning contracts – LB1029.L43

Learning disabilities

Learning disabilities

-          LC4704-LC4706 (Education)

-          RC394.L37 (Neurology)

-          RJ496.L4 (Pediatric neurology)

-          RJ506.L4 (Child psychopathology)

Learning disabled – LC4818-LC4818.53

Learning disabled children – LC4704-LC4706

-          Behavior modification

Lifelong learning – SEE Continuing education

Literacy – LC149-LC160

Mainstreaming in education – LC1200-LC1203

Master teachers

Mastery learning – LB1031.4

Mathematics - QA

-           Computer-assisted instruction

-            Remedial teaching

-            Study and teaching

Mentoring in education – LB1731.4

Middle school education

Middle school principals

Middle school students

Middle school teachers – LB1776.5

Middle school teaching – LB1735.5 (Teacher training)

Middle schools – LB1623

Mixed ability grouping in education- LB3061.3

Moral education - LC251-LC318

Motivation (Psychology) in adolescence – BF724.3.M65

Motivation (Psychology) in children – BF723.M56

Motivation in education – LB1065

Movement education – GV452

Multicultural education – LC1099-LC1099.5

Music in education

Native language and education – LC201.5-LC201.7

Nursery schools – LB1140

Nursery school teachers – SEE Preschool teachers

Parent involvement in education – SEE Education – Parent participation

Parent-student counselor relationships

Parent-teacher conferences – LC225.5

Parent-teacher relationships

Parents’ and teachers’ associations

Physical education and training – GV201-GV555

Physical education for children – GV443

Physical education for children with disabilities

Physical education for exceptional children

Physical fitness for children

  • GV443 (Physical education)
  • RJ133 (Pediatrics)

Portfolios in education – LB1029.P67

Practice teaching – SEE Student teachers

Preschool children – HQ774.5

Preschool teachers – LB1775.5

Preschool teaching

Private schools - LC47-LC57

Privatization in education – LB2806.36

Promotion (School) – LB3063

Proprietary Schools – LC1041-LC1043

Recesses – LB3033

Remedial teaching – LB1029.R4

Rural schools – LC5146-LC5148

Schedules, School – LB3032

School accidents – LB2864.6.A25

School administrators – LB28318-LB2831.876

School attendance

  • LB3081-LB3987 (Absenteeism)
  • LC142-LC148.5 (Attendance)

School boards – LB2831

School budgets

School buildings - LB3205-LB3295

School children

-          Transportation – LB2864-LB2864.2

School choice – LB1027.9

School day

School discipline – LB3011 – LB3095

School districts – LB2817-LB2817.5

School enrollment – LC130-LC139

School facilities – LB3205-LB3325

School failure

School field trips

School improvement programs – LB2822.8-LB2822.84

School integration – LC214-LC214.3

School lunchrooms, cafeterias, etc.

School management and organization

  • LB2801-LB2997 (Organization and supervision)
  • LB3011-LB3095 (Management and discipline)

School principals – LB2831-LB2831.976

School privatization – SEE Privatization in education

School psychology – LB1027.55

School reports – LB2845.7-lB2846.4

School size – LB3012.5

School superintendents – LB2831.7-LB2831.776

School supervision – LB2806.4

School vandalism – LB3249

School violence – LB3013.3

School week – LB3033.5

School year – LB3034


Schools, American

Schools, British

Schools, Japanese

Sex differences in education – LC212.9-LC212.93

Sex discrimination in education – LC212.8-LC212.83

Single-sex classes (Education)

Single-sex schools – LB3067.3-LB3067.7

Small schools

Student activities – LB3602-LB3640

Student-centered learning

Student cheating – SEE Cheating, Student

Student counselors

Special education – LC3950-LC3990.4

Student activities – LB3602-LB3640

Student evaluation of teachers

Student exchange programs – LB2375-LB2378

Student expulsion

Student records – LB2845.7

Student suspension – LB3089-LB3089.4

Student teachers – LB2157

Student teaching – LB2157

Students – LB3602-LB3618

Students, Black

Students, Foreign

Students, Part-time

Students, Transfer of

  • LB2360 (Higher education)
  • LB3054 (General)

Students with disabilities

Study abroad – SEE Foreign study

Suburban schools


  • LA2301-LA2397 (Biography)
  • LB1775-LB1779 (Professional aspects)
  • LB2832-LB2844.47 (Personnel)


-Certification – LB1771-LB1773

-Complaints against

-Dismissal of

-In-service training

-Job satisfaction

-Job stress

-Legal status, laws, etc.

-Out –of-school activities

-Rating of – LB2838-LB28398.3

-Salaries, etc.

  • -LB2334-LB2335 (Higher education)
  • -LB2842-LB2844 (General)

-Selection and appointment – LB2835

-Tenure – LB2836

Teachers, Black

Teachers, Christian – SEE Christian teachers

Teachers, Elementary school – SEE Elementary school teachers

Teachers, Foreign – LB2283-LB2285

Teachers, Middle school – SEE Middle school teachers

Teachers, Part-time – LB2844.1

Teachers, Probationary – LB2844.1.P7

Teachers, Reading – SEE Reading teachers

Teachers’ contracts

Teachers of children with disabilities

Teachers of gifted children


  • LB1025-LB1050.7 – Teaching principles and practice)
  • LB1775-LB1785 (Teaching as a profession)

Teaching teams – LB1029.T4

Tenure – SEE Teachers – Tenure

Test anxiety – LB3060.6

Test bias – LB3060.62

Testing - QC100-QC111 (Standards)

Total quality management in education

Training – LB1027.47

Urban schools – LC5101-LC5143

Violence in schools – SEE School violence

Year-round schools – LB3034