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Subject Headings: Special Education

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Special Education Subject Headings

ADHD - SEE Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

Asperger's syndrome

  • RC553.A88 (Psychiatry)
  • RJ506.A9 (Pediatrics)

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder - RJ506.H9

Autism - RC553.A88

- Bibliography
- Research

Autism in children - RJ506.A9

Autistic children

- Behavior modification
- Education - LC4717-LC4719
- Law and legislation

Behavior Assessemnt System for Children - BF722.35.B44

Behavior Disorders Identification Scale - RJ503.7.B44

Behavior disorders in children - RJ506.B44

Children with disabilities

- Care
- Development - RJ137
- Education - LC4001-LC4700.4
   - Law and legislation
   - Research
- Education elementary
- Education (Preschool) - LC4019.2
- Legal status, laws, etc.
- Medical care
- Psychological testing
- Psychology
- Recreation - GV183.6
- Services for
- Vocational education

Children with mental disabilities

Children with perceptual disabilities

Children with social disabilities

Childlren with visual disabilities

- Orienation and mobility

Counseling in special education - LC3969.48


Disabled - SEE People with disabilities

Gifted children

  • BF723.GR (Psychology)
  • HQ773.5 (Child rearing)
  • LC3991-LC4000 (Special education)

- Education - LC3991-LC4000
- - Law and legislation
- - Research
- Mental haalth - RJ507.G55

Handicaps - SEE Disabilities

Handicapped children- SEE Children with disabilities

Learning disabilities

  • LC4704-LC4706 (Education)
  • LC394.l37 (Neurology()
  • RJ496.L4 (Pediatric neurology)
  • RJ506.L4 (Child psychopathology)

Learning disabled - LC4818-LC4818.53

- Means of communication

Learning disabled children - LC4704-LC4706

Learning disabled teenagers - LC4704-LC4706

Learning disorders - SEE Learning disabilities

Mentally handicapped children - SEE Children with mental disabilities

Movement disorders - RC376.5

Movement disorders in children - RJ496.M68

Parents of autistic children

Parents of children with disabilities - HQ759.913

Parents of deaf children

Parents of exceptional children - HQ759.913

Physical education for children with disabilities

Special Education – LC3950-LC3990.4

- Activity programs
- Parent participation

Special education educators

Special education literature

Special education teachers

- Certification
- Legal status, laws, etc.
- Training of - LC3969.45

Teachers of gifted chlldren