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Subject Headings: Preaching

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Subject Headings


Advent sermons - BV4254.5

Advent services

Christmas sermons - BV4257

Christmas service

Church year - BV30

Church year sermons

Clergy - BV659-BV683

Dedication services - BV199.D4

Easter - BV55

- Sermons - BV4259

Easter service

Funeral sermons - BV4275 (Collections)

Funeral service - BV199.F8

General intercessions

Gesture in worship

Installation (Clergy) - BV4290

Installation sermons - BV4290

Installation service (Church officers) - BV199.I5


Intercessory prayer

Interfaith worship


Lent - BV85-BV95

Lenton sermons - BV4277

Liturgies – BV198-BV199

Marriage service -

  • BX2250 (Catholic)
  • BX5949.M3 (protestant Episcopals)
  • HQ745 (General)

Memorial rites and ceremonies

Memorial service

Ministers - SEE Clergy

Pastoral care

Pastorial counseling - BV401.2

Pastorial psychology - BV4012

Pastorial prayers - BV250-BV254

Pastorial theology - BV4000-BV4470

Pastors - SEE Clergy

Pentecost - BT120-BT1223

Pentecost season - BV6

Prayer – BL560

- Christianity - BV205-BV227

- - History

- - - Early church, ca.30-600 - BV207

Prayer-books -

  • BV245-BV283 (Christian)
  • BX (By denominations)
  • ND3363-ND3380 (Illuminated)

Prayer in the public schools

Prayer meetings

Prayer of the faithful - SEE General intercession

Prayers -

  • BL560 (Comparative religions)
  • BV228-BV283

Prayers, Early Christian - BV236

Prayers, Medieval

Prayers for clergy - BV283.C

Prayers for justice - BV283.C

Prayers for the dead

Prayers of the people - SEE General intercession

Preaching – BV4200-BV4235

Preaching – History – BV4207-BV4208

Posture in worship

Public speaking – PN4121-PN4130

Public worship - BV5-BV25

Responses (Liturgy)

Responsive worship - BV199.R5

Ritual - BL600-BL619

Rites and ceremonies

  • BL 600-BL619 (Comparative religion)
  • BV170-BV199 (Christian)

Sermons – BV4240-BV4316

Wedding sermons - BV4278

Wedding service - SEE Marriage service



  • BL550-BL620 (Comparative religion)
  • BV5-BV530 (Christian)

- History

- - Early church, ca.30-600

Worship programs

Worship, Religious education - BV1522

Worship in the Bible

Worship programs