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Health Care Management: Careers

Subject Headings

Allied health personnel- R697.A4

- Legal status, laws, etc,
- Licenses
- Supply and demand - RA410.6-RA410.9
- Vocational guidance

Careers - SEE

  • Medicine -- Vocational guidance
  • Allied health personnel -- Vocational guidance
  • Doctors – USE Physicians

Health administration - SEE Health services administration

Health services administrators

Managed care administrators

Medical personnel


– Labor unions
– Salaries, etc.
– Supply and demand

Nursing home administrators

Physicians – R707-R707.4

– Insurance requirements - HG8054
– Salaries, etc.
– Supply and demand – RA410.6 – RA410.9

Physicians' assistants

- Education - R847-R847.7
- Supply and demand

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