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Health Care Management: Public Health

Subject Headings

Clinics - RA966

Community health services

- Administration
- Business management
- Finance
- Law and legislation
- Utilization

Community health services for children - RJ101-RJ103

Community health serves for the aged

Health – RA773–RA790

- Economic aspects - SEE Medical economics
- Public opinion - SEE Health attitudes
- Statistics - SEE Medical statistics

Health administration - SEE Health services administration

Health attitudes

Health behavior - RA776.9

Health care - SEE Medical care

Health care policy - SEE Medical policy

Health care rationing

Health care reform

Health education – RA440-RA440.55

- Law and legislation
- Parent participation – LB1587.P37

Health expectancy – RA407–RA409.5

Health planning – RA394.9-RA395

Health promotion - RA427.8

Health risk assessment

  • RA427.3 (Public health)
  • RA566.27 (Environmental health)

Health services accessibility

Health status indicators - RA407-RA409.5

Health surveys

  • RA407.3-RA408 (Local)
  • RA408.5 (Methodology)

- Statistical methods - RA408.5

Medically uninsured persons - RA413.7.U53

Medicare – RA412.3-RA412.35

Medicare fraud

Public health – RA

- International cooperation
- Statistical services

Public health administration

Public health personnel

Public health records

Public hospitals - RA960-RA996

Regional medical programs

Right to health care

Women's health services

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