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Health Care Management: Books

Subject Headings

Use these official Subject Headings for searching OneSearch and their assigned Library of Congress Call Numbers to browse the shelves.


NOTE: Although a Key Word Search under Health Care (or Healthcare) Managment will find many titles - the appropriate Subject Heading is Health services administration


Doctors – USE Physicians

Health – RA773–RA790

Health care management –
     USE Health services administration

Health care reform

Health education – RA440-RA440.55

Health education – Law and legislation

Health education –

     Parent participation – LB1587.P37

Health expectancy – RA407–RA409.5

Health facilities

Health facilities - Administration

Health facilities – Business management – RA971.3

Health facilities – Employees

Health facilities – Risk management – RA971.38

Health facilities – Taxation

Health facilities - Utilization

Health planning - United States

Health insurance – USE Insurance, Health

Health insurance claims – HG9386.5

Health maintenance organizations –

     R729.5H43 (Practice of medicine)

     and RA413 (Medical care)

Health planning – RA394.9-RA395

Health risk assessment –

     RA427.3 (Public health)

     and RA566.27 (Environmental health)

Health services accessibility

Health services administration

Health services administrators

Hospitals – RA960-RA996

Hospitals—Administration – RA971-RA971.8

Hospitals – Business management – RA971.3

Hospitals – Finance

Insurance, Health

Managed care plans (Medical Care)--

     United States

Medical care, Cost of

Medical care--United States

Medical economics – R728 and RA410-RA414

Medical personnel

Medical statistics – RA407-RA409.5

Medical policy

Medically uninsured persons

Medicare – RA412.3-RA412.35


Nurses – Labor unions

Nurses – Salaries, etc.

Nurses – Supply and demand

Physicians – R707-R707.4

Physicians – Insurance requirements

Physicians – Salaries, etc.

Physicians – Supply and demand –

     RA410.6 – RA410.9

Public health – RA

Public health administration


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