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Credo Reference: Advanced Searching

Advanced Searching

Advanced Search offers more flexible searching options. Follow the instructions on the screen to search for exact phrases, similar sounding words, words to avoid, etc.

1. Enter your search terms into the search box.

2. Enter any other terms into the appropriate fields. You can choose to search for exact phrases, similar sounding words, and words to avoid.

3. Start your search by clicking the Search button.

Advanced Search

Limit your search by title, subject, print publication date or entries with audio.

1. Clicking “Selected Subjects or Titles” will expose subjects and available ebooks. 

2. Place a check mark next to the books or subjects you would like to search. Choose as few or as many as you would like.

3. Enter a search term in one of the search boxes at the top of the screen.  

4. Repeat process for “Selected Publication Dates” or “Entries with the Following Features…”

5. Click Search. Results will be limited to articles from books that match the criteria that you’ve selected.

Advanced Search filters

(Information from Credo Reference Help)