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MKT 334 - Consumer Behavior: Citation & Writing Guides

Citation Guides

There are quite a few different ways to cite resources in your paper. The citation style usually depends on the academic discipline involved. Please check with your instructor to make sure that you use the appropriate style.

APA Style  (American Psychological Association) is often used by Education and Psychology. At PBA, used by the Rinker Business School and the MacArthur School of Leadership.

Here is a PBA LibGuide for using APA (6th edition.)

A copy of the most recent edition of the APA Publication Manual is kept at the Service Desk of the Warren Library and circulates only within the library.

Here are additional helpful websites that expand on the APA Style.

APA Style Aid - Provided by the American Psyc Assn
The Basics of APA Style - for those new to APA style
APA Style Update, 2009 - from Univ of Maine, Augusta
APA Citation Examples - from the Univ of Maryland
FAQs about APA  
Online Writing Lab (OWL) - from Purdue Univ libraries 
Citing Sources - from Duke University Libraries
APA Style Blog -

Incorporating Sources

Why you need to cite sources


Citation Management System - Zotero

See it,  Save it, Sort it, Search it, Cite it.

Zotero is a Firefox web browser extension that helps you gather, save and organize your citations. It's easy to learn and lives in your web browser where you do most of your research.

Take a Zotero tour.

The Zotero Quck Start Guide will show you the basics, how to install, open, and begin adding items. You will then be shown how to orgazine collections, by tagging, doing searches and saving searches. Next you will be shown how to collect attachments, make notes, and how to capture these documents in Zotero. Finally you will be shown how to cite items, how to integrate Zotero with Word and how to produce automatic or manual bibliographies.

Zotero provides many short screencast tutorials that will clarify the inner workings of the system and explain the incredible potential of using the system.

The Zotero blog will help you keep up with new developments.

One of the best guides I've seen for Zotero was done by Jason Puckett, a librarian at Georgia State University.

Other helpful Zotero guides include:
     Boston College Law School
     Metropolitan New York Library Council
Ready to get started? Download Zotero now!

  KnightCite Citation Service

Knight Cite is an easy way around formatting a bibliography. You input the information; the site formats it. Your bibliography can be formatted to APA, MLA, or the Chicago style. Maintained by the Hekman Library at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI.

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