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MKT 334 - Consumer Behavior: Books / eBooks

Marketing Subject Headings


Advertising – HF5801-HF6102

-Automobiles – TL 1–TL 296.5

-Beer – HF6161.B3

-Carbonated beverages – TP628-TP636

-Cigarettes – HF6161.T6

-Clothing and dress – HF6161.C44

-Drugs – HF6161.D7

-Food – HF6161.F616

-Health products

-Law and legislation

-Psychological aspects – HF5822

-Social aspects

-Tobacco – HF6161.T6

Advertising, Classified – HF6125

Advertising, Direct mail – HF5861 – HF5863

Advertising, Magazine – HF5871 – HF6141

Advertising, Newspaper – HF5871 – HF6141

Advertising, Outdoor - HF5843 – HF5843.5

Advertising, Point-of-sale – HF5828

Advertising, Political

Advertising, Public service

Advertising agencies – HF6178 – HF6182

Advertising and children

Advertising campaigns – HF5837

Advertising laws

Advertising layout and typography – HF5825

Advertising media planning – HF5826.5

Brands (Commerce) – SEE Business names

Broadcast advertising – HF6146.B74

Business names – HD69.B7

Children in advertising

Color in advertising – HF5839

Color in marketing

Communication in marketing – HF5415.123-HF5415.124


Consumer behavior - HF5415.323-HF5415.33

Consumer profiling - HF5415.32-HF5415.33

Consumer satisfaction - HF5415.335

Consumers - HC79.C6


-Information services

-Research - HF5415.HF5415.33

Consumers, Black

Consumers' preferences

Customer loyalty programs – HF5415.525

Customer relations – HF5415.5

Deceptive advertising – HF5827.8

Direct marketing – HF5415.126

Display of merchandise – HF5845-HF5849

Education marketing

Endorsements in advertising

Export marketing – HF1416-HF1416.6

Green marketing industrial marketing

Hispanic American consumers

Humor in advertizing

Internet advertising – HQ784.158

Internet marketing – HF5415.1265

Male consumers

Market segmentation – HF5415.127

Market surveys

  • HC (Surveys)
  • HF5415.3 (Technique)

Marketing – HF5410-HF5417.5


-Decision making

-Management – HD28 – HD70

Marketing research – HF5415.2

Merchandising – HF5415.165

New products

  • HF5415.153 (Marketing)
  • TS170 (Product engineering)


  • HF 5770 (Business)
  • TS195-TS198.8 (Manufacturing)

Physical distribution of goods – HF5415.6

Press agents

Press conferences

  • PN4193.P73 (Oratory)
  • PN4784.P69 (Journalism)

Press releases

Press secretaries

Pricing – HF5416.5

Product differentiation

Product life cycle – HF5415.155

Retail trade

Sales management – HF5438.4

Sales promotion – HF5438.5

Social marketing – HF5414

Target marketing

Public opinion – HM1236

Public relations

-HD59-HD59.6 (Management)

-HM1221 (Social Psychology)

Public relations consultants

Public relations personnel – HD8039.P87

Publicity – HM1226


Selling – HF5438 – HF5439

Sex in advertising

Signs and signboards – HF5841

Slogans – HF6135

Subliminal advertising – HF5827.9

Teenage consumers

Television advertising – HF6146.T42


Young consumers

Women consumers

Executive Summary - Suggested Books

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