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Preaching University: Part Three - Managing Information

Use this Research Guide to create and present sermons.

Downloading eBooks

Downloading eBooks will vary from vendor to vendor so a good place to start is the library's eBooks LibGuide.

Here is a tutorial for our largest eBook vendor - eBooks on EBSCOhost - Downloading

Remember, it's not necessary to download an eBook to use it. Most students read online.

Downloading is useful when you want to read an eBook away from the internet.


Create a personal account in ATLAS. Be sure to write down your user name and password for future use.

Create a folder and save an article in in for future reference. Then exit ATLAS, re-log in and review your saved article.

Find an email yourself an article.

Go to eBooks on EBSCOhost and find an eBook. View it online. Download it and view it offline.

Creating an Account in ATLAS

Creating an account

Most of the library's databases provide added functionality to users - once they have created a personal account. This includes saving and sharing your research online (searches, search results, bibliographies, note-taking, etc.), setting up automatic Alerts to new content as it is added to the database, and downloading eBooks.

To create an account, open the database and select Create an Account or Sign In, depending on the database. Be sure to write down your new username and password.

NOTE: Most of the library's database are published by only four vendors - EBSO, Gale, ProQuest, and H.W. Wilson. Once you have created an account in a particular vendor's database, your account is good in all that vendor's databases.

Managing Information in ATLAS

Managing an Account

You can find out how to use features linked to your personal account via the ATLAS Help Link.

Here are some useful tutorials:

Creating a Journal Alert

Creating a Search Alert

eBooks on EBSCOhost - Searching

EBSCOhost Result List

Introduction to EBSCOhost

My EBSCOhost

Reading an Article in EBSCOhost

Using EBSCOhost Search History

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