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Children's Literature: South Carolina Book Awards

South Carolina Book Award Program


This page will give you more information about the South Carolina Book Award program.  There are four levels of the program: Picture Book, Children's, Junior, and Young Adult.  Each year, a committee made up of librarians, students, parents and teachers read hundreds of books and select the top 20 titles to be on the final list.  Once the top 20 titles for each level are selected, the list is promoted to SC students.  They are invited to read the titles and vote on their favorite.  Student votes choose the winner each year, and winning authors are recognized at an annual awards program.  To find out more about the SC Book Award program, visit    


2016-2017 SC Book Award Nominees

2015-2016 Winners

2015-2016 SC Picture Book Winner

2015-2016 SC Children's Book Winner

2015-2016 SC Junior Book Winner

2015-2016 SC Young Adult Winner