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Children's Literature: Periodicals

What is a periodical?

A magazine or newspaper published at regular intervals. For example:

  • NEWSPAPERS - New York Times
  • POPULAR MAGAZINES - Time or Newsweek
  • GENERAL INTEREST JOURNALS - National Geographic
  • SCHOLARLY JOURNALS / PEER-REVIEWED- Journal of Experimental Psychology, New England Journal of Medicine


The following periodicals and many more can be found in the Thrift Library's databases.

  • Booklist
  • Children's Literature in Education 
  • Horn Book
  • Publishers Weekly
  • School Library Journal

Suggested Search Terms

  • Authors name
  • Book Title
  • Review or Reviews
  • Children's books or Children's literatur

Suggested Subtopics

  • Analysis
  • Authors
  • Criticism and interpretation
  • Illustrators
  • Population, i.e. African Americans, Boys, Girls, Hispanics, Multicultural, etc.


    In addition to the Mega Databases noted in the box to the right,searchers may wish to utilize the MLA International Bibliography for scholarly articles.

      Featured Periodicals

      Are you wanting a trusted source of reviews for books to add to your Children's Collection? Check out the following:


      The New York Times Book Review is one of the Nation's leading book review sources. They compiled lists of every kind of book out there. Check out some of the lists here.



      School Library Journal, is the leading print magazine, and now serving librarians who work with young people in schools and public libraries. The two resources give librarians up-to-date information needed to integrate libraries into the school curriculum, become leaders in the areas of technology, reading, and information literacy, and create high-quality collections for children and young adults. Check them out here.