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Comparative Religion: Books

This LibGuide is a starting place for research on religions of the world / denominations. There is a special page on Southern Baptists.

Religion - Subject Headings

Subject Headings – Religion

The following official Library of Congress Subject Headings are useful for searching OneSearch. Books on those topics may be found on the shelf under the correlating Call Number.

Atheism – BL2700-BL2790

Buddhism - BQ1 - BQ999

Christian doctrines - SEE Dogma; Theology, Doctrinal

Christian sects - BR157

Christianity – BR1-BR129

Christianity and culture – BR115.C8

Christianity and other religions - BR127 (General)

- Hinduism - BR128.H5
- Islam - BP172
- Judaism - BM535

Denominations, Christian –SEE Christian sects

Doctrines, Christian – SEE Dogma; Theology, Doctrinal

Dogma - BT19-BT33

Ethics – BJ


  • BT770-772 (Theology)
  • BV4637 (Moral theology)

God – BT98-BT180

God (African religion)

God (Chinese religion) - BL1800-BL1810

God (Egyptian religion)

God (Greek religon) - B390.G6; BL795.G6

God (Hinduism) - Bl1200-BL1225

God (Islam) - BP166.2

God (Jainism) - BM1356)

God (Judaism (BM610)

God (Islam)

God (Sikhism) - BL2018.22

Interdenominational cooperation - BV625

Islam – BP1-BP223

Jesus Christ


Man (Theology)

  • BL256 (Religion)
  • BS661 (Bible)

Missionaries - BV3700-BV3705 (General biographies)

Missions – BV2000-BV3705

Mythology – BL300-BL325 (Comparative)

Psychology and religion – BF51


  • BL48-BL50 (Science of)
  • GN470-GN474 (Ethnology)

Religions - BL74-BL98

- Relations - BL410

Religions, Comparative – SEE Religions


  • BF1001-BF1999 (Occult sciences)
  • BL100 (Comparative religion)
  • GR500-GR510 (Folklore)

Supernatural theology - BT745

Theology – BR-BX

Theology, Doctrinal - BT65-BT84

Theology of religions (Christian theology) - BT83.85

Women & Religion

Recommended Titles


Primary Sources

World Religions - General

World Religions - Buddhism

World Religions - Hinduism

World Religions - Islam

World Religions - Judaism

Subject Guide

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Types of Books

Atlases – Show the Biblical world in maps. Maps may cover various places and time periods, address specific topics such as Paul’s journeys or the Exodus, and may contain supplementary drawings or photos.

Commentaries - Explain the scriptures verse by verse by providing detailed background information on the authorship, history, setting, and theme of the Gospel.

Concordances – List every word in the Bible and then direct the reader to every use of that work

Dictionaries – Provide definitions of words and expressions used in the Bible. Also identify proper names. Some dictionaries will also provide the original Greek or Hebrew.

Encyclopedias - Provide definitions and lengthy discussions beyond that found in dictionaries.

Gazetteers – Geographical dictionaries, sometimes with supporting pictures.

Handbooks/Guidebooks - Provide information or instruction on such topics as plants and animals of the Bible, dietary habits, weights and measures, calendars and holidays, etc. Handbooks can also be on a specific topic such as Christian philosophy, prophesy, denominations,etc.