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  • Downloading (Borrowing)
  • Online Note Taking capabilities
  • Copy & paste functionality (when available)
  • Print / Email / Save Portions
  • Download chapters or full titles
  • Citation generation
  • Bookmarking
  • Web-based interface—no reader or hardware required
  • Permalinks 
  • Personal accounts allow Highlighting text, Book marking pages, Creating and saving notes, Sharing your research, and more.

EBSCOhost Help Documents

EBSCOhost is a collection of many databases hosted on the same online platform using the same operating system. Thus, when you learn to use one EBSCO database, you can apply those skills to other EBSCO databases.

User Guide

Create an Account

  • Go to eBooks on EBSCOhost database.
  • Click on Sign In (top right corner of screen).
  • Click on Create a Free Account (right side of screen) and follow instructions.

Although you can read and print from this collection without creating an account, some value-added features - such as downloading and note taking require that you create an account and sign in.

Checkout / Download eBooks on EBSCOhost

  • Although all eBooks may be viewed online, not all may be Checked Out / Downloaded. You can limit your search to titles available for downloading by clicking on the Download Available Box.
  • The default check out time is 3 days, but you can change it to 1 to 7 days using the dropdown menu.
  • You must have an EBSCOhost Account  - username and password - to download an eBook. 

NOTE: If you have good internet access you don't need to check it out at all. Just view eBooks online.

Preparation for Downloading - 1

Install Adobe Digital Editions on your PC


Before downloading an eBook to your PC you will need to install Adobe Digital Editions to your PC. It's free!


This is NOT an app.


Be sure to write down your user name and password to use in synching it to other devices.


Download Adobe Digital Editions

Preparation for Downloading - 2

Create a Personal Folder Account in eBooks on EBSCOhost


Before downloading an eBook from eBooks on EBSCOhost you must create a personal folder account.

1. First select Sign In in the upper right hand corner.







2. Then select Create a new Account on the left side of the screen. Fill it out and submit.

3. Remember to write down your new user name and password. You will be using it a lot!

Find an eBook

A simple key-word search will search across "everything" - author, title, subject, AND the full text of every eBook.

If you get too many results, or irrelevant results, try the Advanced Search Mode.

If you find a good book and want to find more like it, Click on the Title, then on the Subject hyperlink of your choice. This will take you to other eBooks on the same subject.

Search Help

Searching Tutorial

View an eBook


Once you find a book you like, click on the eBook Full Text Icon.

Read the book page by page like a normal books by clicking on the Right Arrow at the bottom of the screen.

Use the Table of Contents Box on the left to hyperlink to individual chapters or the Index.

Click on the Search Tool Icon (top tool on the rights side of the screen) to search for a word or phrase anywhere in the eBook. You can then hyperlink directly to it.

Use the Page Box (located between the left and right arrows at the bottom of the screen to jump to a particular page.

Viewing Help

Viewing Tutorial

Printing and Copying

Printing - Limitations on printing vary from book to book.