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iPads: Games/Entertainment


Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector
Android/iOS (Free + IAP)
The world’s only – as far as we’re aware – cat-collecting game. This Japanese game is as quirky as they come: you place food in your garden to attract cats, logging them in a virtual “catbook” and hoping for rarities. Cute  and very addictive.

New Star Soccer
Android/iOS/Windows Phone (Free + IAP)
You can play FIFA on your smartphone or tablet, and it’s impressive, but New Star Soccer has done the best job of rethinking football for the small screen. Retro graphics belie deeply addictive gameplay and pixel-perfect touch controls.

Android/iOS (Free + IAP)
Less a game, more a way of life for its keenest fans: this is the best example of location-based gaming yet. You choose a side in its sci-fi plot, then explore the game’s environment as you wander around the real world, working alone or with fellow players.

Does Not Commute
Android/iOS (Free + IAP)
This tears up the traditional driving game format by putting you in charge of a small town’s rush hour – controlling all the vehicles. Expect plenty of crashes, although it’s fun rather than frustrating, and includes a practice mode to refine your skills.

Clumsy Ninja
Android/iOS (Free + IAP)
Clumsy Ninja may be getting on a bit now but it remains one of the most innovative character-driven games on mobile. You train up the initially klutzy warrior through mini-games, but it’s the console-quality animation that gives him bags of character.

Blown Away
Android/iOS (Free + IAP)
This is an engaging platform game starring a cheerful hero named Hendrik, who wears “teleporting shoes”. They’re the key to the game’s twist on the genre: you teleport around the levels rather than jumping, which brings new puzzle-solving possibilities.

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