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iPads: Ebook Apps

A Note About Ebook Apps and Ebook Readers

It is worth noting that some eBook readers available as apps on your iPad will allow you to access your information on other devices (your laptop, etc.) while others will not.

For example, the Kindle app is available for not only your iPad but for your personal computer and smart phone as well. Thus, by using your Amazon account, you can access anything you purchase/download on your iPad, Kindle, personal computer, or smart phone, as long as you have the Kindle app installed.


Ebook Apps

There are a number of ebook apps available to let you purchase ebooks to view on your iPad. These apps are generally free, althought the books you acquire through them often aren't. Some popular reading apps are:

iBooks (Apple's ebook reader)

Kindle (from Amazon)

Nook (from Barnes and Noble)

You also have the option to view some of the library's ebook collections on your iPad. Through the Gale Access My Library College edition, you can view the books we currently have from Gale Publishing. For more information on that app, please see the Gale page on this Research Guide.