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Research Guides: Faculty Participation: How Do I Get One?

Show how faculty can get involved in creating their own Research Guides.

How Long Does it Take?

Research Guides are created on a first come, first served basis.

Once begun, it usually takes about a week to create a Research Guide assuming preparatory work (selecting resources) has been completed.

NOTE: Faculty need to make themselves readily available throughout the process.

Other Uses for Research Guides

Integrate your class assignments into your Research Guides!

Research Guides direct its users to the Thrift Library's best resources.

Examine other library's Research Guides and use them as a tool for identifying and purchasing new resources.

Some Research Guides are maintained by the foremost library researchers in the world. Learn from them and use their advice in your Research Guides .

Library Liaisons

Dr. Melanie Croft

Fred Guyette


Betsy Elsner


Criminal Justice

Cyber Security


Interior Design



Christian Studies





Political Science



  Health Professions




Suggestions for Planning a Research Guide

Look at what others have done and find examples that you like.

For instance...go out onto the internet and google "LibGuides and Biology" or "LibGuides and Worship Music" or "LibGuides and Mainstreaming"

Most LibGuides can be copied in part or in whole due to the cooperative agreement its users sign to be part of LibGuides.


Option One - Ask your liaison to create and maintain a Research Guide based on your preferences.

Option Two - Work closely with your liaison to identify the best resources, tools, and strategies.Suggest links. Provide your own advice.

Option Three - Develop and maintain your own page. We will teach you how.

Keeping It Up To Date

Research Guides need to be examined twice a year for currency.

New library resources are constantly being added and old resources discarded.

Research advice changes over time.

NOTE: Research Guide has a built in Link Checker.