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Faculty Support: Budget


Departmental Budget and Acquisitions

The reports listed below are posted in Sharepoint, the AU Intranet. This password protected site is limited to AU faculty, staff, and administration. 

The library needs your help determining what format to buy!

  • Book or eBook?
  • Paperback or Hardback?
  • 1 User or Unlimited Users?

These questions can really slow down ordering if we don't know what you want.

To assure getting new books in the most appropriate format, all book requests should designate a preferred format. If no format preference is provided by the requestor, the library will order the book based upon the format preference the library has on file for you or your department. If neither you nor your department has shared its preferences, the library will use its own judgment.

Reminder - Bookmark this page and check it frequently!





Find Departmental Budget Expenditures and Balances. 


Find a sortable list of new books, eBooks, media, scores, etc. 



Acquisitions Calendar

The library needs your help in spreading out acquisitions evenly over the academic year in order to prevent

  1. an overwhelming workload during the last two months of the fiscal year,
  2. the loss of unspent library funds.

Expenditures Calendar

Departments are asked to spend the following proportions of their Book Budgets by the assigned dates.

  • December 1 50%
  • March 1  80%
  • April 1   90%
  • May 1 - 100% (last day to order)

Redirected Funds

Unspent funds will be redirected to those who have already spent their budget and have accumulated wish lists on the following schedule.

  • Unspent funds below 80% will be redirected to departments with wish lists as of March 1.
  • Unspent funds below 90% will be redirected to departments with wish lists as of April 1.
  • All remaining unspent funds will be redirected to departments with wish lists as of May 1.
  • All book orders due by May 1.


Library Liaisons

While anyone in the library would be happy to help you with any library related question or request you may have, each department at the university has a specific liaison who works with that department's collection development and specific collection related needs. The liaisons for the departments are:

Checking status of an order

If you want to know if a book, eBook, or other item you ordered is ready to use, and where it is located, the easiest way to find out is to check OneSearch.

Need more details? Contact your library liaison.