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Faculty Support: College of Education


Library Resources and Services for the College of Education

Most books on Education are found in the L's, though Art Education (N), Music Education (M), Physical Education (GV), etc. are found in their subject areas.

Your Current Budget and database expenditures can be found on the latest DeptBud report. The library tracks database usage and cost per use to assist in renewal decisions. Note that database costs vary wildly. Some are free. Some are highly discounted. Some come as part of packages and cannot be canceled without canceling multiple databases supporting other colleges. Education only pays for one database. The other 50+ (the most for any major) are either free or paid for by the library as part of packages.

Acquisitions for current year are on the NewBooks Report.

Purchase requests can be sent to your liaison, Kent Millwood, by phone (2049), email (, snail mail, etc.

  • Ebooks are often activated within two days.
  • Physical purchases arrive on the shelves within two weeks.

E-books versus books

  • eBooks "generally" cost 1 1/2 times as much as hardbaclks.
  • "Generally" eBooks jump 25% in price when moving from single user to three user to unlimited users.
  • PDA - Patron driven acquisitions - a great way to stretch your budget and expand your collection.


  • Adding new subscriptions - databases and journals. New subscriptions require a budget increase which much be approved by the administration. These must be submitted by the library for approval well in advance - 6 to 12 months.
  • Education's periodical subscriptions
ASC 1/8/1999+ Chronicle of Higher Education E P $99.95
ASP 1995+ Education Week P P $79.00
T&F 2010+ Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education E P/O $375.00
Sage 1999+ Journal of Learning Disabilities - TX E P/O $379.00
Sage 1999+ Journal of Special Education Technology E P/O $328.00
Sage 1999+ Teacher Education and Special Education E O $440.40
EFT 1998+ Teaching Exceptional Children E P $388.00
  • Titles in yellow are displayed in the Curriculum Lab. P = Print, O = Online. We do not gather circulation statistics on these titles. Several education titles have gone out of business in the last few years.
  • The great majority of education journals (1,297) are provided by our databases. You can search by title through Journal Search or by individual articles through OneSearch. Education majors also use Art, Music, Science, Psychology, Sociology, and other databases.


  • Education's 50+ databases can be found by going to Databases A-Z and then limiting to Education under Subjects. 
  • You can also limit to Format - Images, streaming audio and video, dissertations.
  • Also of use is the DISCUS Guide highlighting the 42 free titles we get from the State Library and which your students will use to teach their classes after they graduate.
  • In 2019-20 the library spent $1,547 to generate 7,431electronic circulations at a cost of $0.21 per circuculation.
  • It spent $2,089 on print subscriptions, but we have no way of knowing home many times they were used in the Curriculum Lab. They would have to be used almost 10,000 times to equal $0.20 per circulation.

Curriculum Lab

  • A joint endeavor between the Library and the College of Education. Almost any format can be found there, though we draw the line at hamsters. The purpose of a Curriculum Lab (as opposed to a library) is to gather everything students need to create lesson plans in one place. 

Virtual Curriculum Lab - Like the Curriculum Lab, only, well, virtual.

Research Guides can be created to include information related to library resources useful to a particular:

  • Major
  • Class
  • Class Assignment
  • Resource
  • You can find your Research Guides here. You can also search for specific topics across all guides / pages / boxes by typing your topic in the box in the upper right corner. With over 200 guides we cover every possible topic.

Textbooks - The library will purchase your textbooks as eBooks if available for unlimited users. We do not purchase textbooks in print. This semester we purchased 19 eBooks saving your students up to $7,500 based on the cost of the books from Amazon times 20 students per class. 90% of our textbooks are not available for purchase for unlimited users.

Videos - Most of our videos are 1 year streaming subscriptions which can be added to Canvas.