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Faculty Support: Research Guides


Research Guides - FAQs

1. What are Research Guides?

A Research Guide is a helpful web page that students can use to research specific topics and disciplines, and to learn about the library's resources and services.

These guides usually contain listings of recommended resources for finding information, such as databases (for finding articles), books, web pages or other useful resources.

Research Guides can be created for specific classes, general subject information, and other helpful, library related topics.

2. Can one be created for my class or major?

Yes, we can make a Research Guide for your class!

Research Guides can be created to include information related to library resources useful to a particular:

  • Major
  • Class
  • Resource
  • Skill

If you're interested in working with the library to create a Research Guide please contact your department's library liaison. Your liaison will be happy to consult with you on the information you'd like to present as well as the related resources we have.

3. Are Research Guides suited for use with online classes?

Research Guides work very well with online classes! Research Guides are a great way to offer library information to distance students, and often serve as a great introduction of our resources to students who have never had the chance to attend a library orientation or rarely make it to campus.

4. Can I make a Research Guide?

Although we will be glad to create and maintain Research Guides on your behalf, the library will be happy to train you to create/maintain your own Research Guides .