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Faculty Support: Reserve Materials


Finding Materials on Reserve in the Library

Faculty often place class assigned reading / viewing on Reserve  in the Thrift Library.

This may take the form of books, book chapters, photocopied articles, CDs, DVDs, cameras, tripods, etc.

Students should come to the Front Desk - with their student ID - and ask for the item by name, instructor, and class.

NOTE: Individual faculty may have over a dozen items on reserve, so simply asking for "a book for my Western History class" will not identify what you need.

You must bring your student ID to take materials away from the Front Desk, even if only to the photocopier.

Check out periods are chosen by the instructor and are usually - Three hours in the library, Overnight, or Three days.

The best method to determine what your instructor wants you to read is to bring your syllabus with you.

Alternatively, you may look up reserve materials in the OneSearch using the method described below.

Reserves - Steps of Proceedure for Faculty

1. How do I place an item on Reserve?

If the item is in the library’s collection, fill out a Reserve Request Form online or stop by the front desk to fill out a paper form. Or you may contact Darlene McKay ( 231-2050.

If you are going to provide the library with the item, you can ask for the Reserve Request Form at the Front Desk when you drop off the item.

2. How do I know what I have on Reserve?

Contact Darlene McKay (, your departmental liaison, or call 231-2050 to find out. You may also use the method noted above.

3. What are the rules regarding copyright as they apply to placing photocopies on Reserve.

The basics are as follows:

  • No more than 3 copies
  • No more than one chapter of a book if 10 chapters or less if photocopying.
  • No more than 10% of a work may be copied.

4. Is Online Reserve available?

If you are teaching a course using Canvas, you may place your reserve materials on your course page.

While the library does not have eReserves, per se, it can post links to articles and eBooks on its Research Guides, and this can be done on a class-by-class basis. Since these materials are licensed for use by the library, there is no copyright issue in posting links. The library faculty will be glad to help you set up an online bibliography.