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Faculty Support: Research Guides


Research Guides for Classes

Yes, we can make a Research Guide for your class!

Research Guides can be created to include information related to library resources useful to a particular:

  • Major
  • Class
  • Class Assignment
  • Resource

If you're interested in working with the library to create a Research Guide please contact your department's library liaison. Your liaison will be happy to consult with you on the information you'd like to present as well as the related resources we have.


Various forms of content can and cannot be posted or stored in Research Guides, espeically because the maximum upload size is 5MB. Considering some of the more popular forms of content:

Videos - Can be embeded from another source (like YouTube, TeacherTube, etc.) but cannot be directly posted and housed on a LibGuide.

Documents - Can be directly uploaded into Research Guides. However, it is helpful to convert them into a pdf to save space.

Powerpoints - Can be uploaded but, because of space, generally need to be converted first.

Images - Can be uploaded but need to be in the jpg format.

What are Research Guides?

A Research Guide is a helpful aid that students can use to research certain topics.

These guides usually contain listings of recommended resources for finding information, such as databases (for finding articles), books, web pages or other useful resources. (From the Florida Atlantic University library)

Research Guides can be created for specific classes, general subject information, and other helpful, library related topics.

Although most Research Guides are owned by library liaisons, faculty can be co-owners and do all the things librarians do. We will be glad to teach those who are interested.

Examples of Best Practices from Other Libraries

Research Guide participants belong to a cooperative community that has agreed to share the fruit of their labors. We can borrow content and ideas from our peers and they can do the same. If you find a Research Guide that you like somewhere else, we can quickly and easily create the equivalent.

Best of Research Guides Site

HINT: One way to quickly find Research Guide examples is to search the internet for "Research Guide and Your Topic"

What About Canvas?

Research Guides and Canvas are two different things which can overlap on occasion.

The advantages of Canvas include such built in features as password restricted access, testing, and integration with other AU resources.

The advantages of Research Guides include easier creation and updating, the ability to clone individual guides, pages and boxes, the ability to update all linked content with a single edit, the option of having the library do most of the work, and the continuity of your creation. (Research Guides do not have to be reloaded each semester.)

Sample Research Guides

If you're interested in getting a Research Guide for your class or department, here are some Research Guides we've already created that can serve as examples:

Science Research - a Research Guide on conducting general science research using the library's resources

Business 490 - a Research Guide created specifically for the Business 490 class and their research project

DISCUS Databases - a Research Guide which deals exclusively with DISCUS databases, their use, content, and applications