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Faculty Support: Instruction


Information Literacy

What is information literacy? How can I help my students engage in more thoughtful research? What tools does the library have that could enhance my instruction? We're here to help answer those questions and more. For now, take a look at this guide and the ones listed below, then let us know what we can do to lighten your workload - in person or online.

The Research and Writing Process  

InfoLit Modules


Flipped Library Instruction

You've probably heard of the flipped classroom or flipped learning, but have you heard about flipped library instruction?

With all that you need to accomplish in your classes, it's hard to find time to teach students how to research and navigate the sea of information they encounter. Let your library liaison help by creating interactive tutorials that teach research and information literacy skills and assess students' understanding.  You can embed these tutorials directly in Canvas and students can access them anytime.  Once the tutorials have been completed, liaisons are happy to follow-up with brief in-person active learning sessions that focus on building critical thinking and evaluation skills. 

Research & Information Literacy Instruction - FAQs

1.  How do I schedule a library orientation?

Contact your library liaison

2. What information should I provide?

Copy and paste the following (numbers 1-8) into an email to your liaison.

Research Instruction Request Form

  1. Instructor's name:
  2. Email address:
  3. Course Code (ex. EDU 111):
  4. Topic(s) to be covered:
  5. Number of Students:
  6. Preferred Location, if other than the library (ex. WAT 101):
  7. Where you would like it to occur
    1. Your classroom
    2. Chapman Multimedia Room (Main floor. Outside Library)  110 Seats. Theater Seating. Video presenter.
    3. Other

The library will be happy to schedule the room for you if it is in the Thrift Building.

8. Do you have any other special requests/information relevant to this orientation (i.e. specific databases/resources to be covered,

WARNING! - Due to the large volume of orientations at the beginning of each semester, it is wise to make your request well in advance.


3.  Does the library offer online research instruction?

Yes. The library uses a tool called LibWizard to create interactive tutorials that teach information literacy skills and assess students' understanding.  Tutorials can be embedded directly in Canvas.