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Faculty Support: Patron Driven Acquisitions (PDA)


Who Picks?

Project MUSE

Deposit however much money you wish to spend with Project Muse at beginning of year.

Access entire Project MUSE eBook collection, 26,000 titles for one year.

At end of year, use your deposit to buy whatever titles you wish based upon user statistics.

Taylor & Francis Online

Deposit however much money you wish to spend with Taylor & Francis Online at beginning of year.

Select 10 times as many titles as your deposit for year long access.

At end of year, use your deposit to buy whatever titles you wish based upon user statistics.

What is Patron Driven Acquisitons?

Patron Driven Acquisitions (PDA), also called Demand Driven Acquisitions (DDA) is where an eBook database contains eBooks we “might” like to own alongside eBooks we do own. Users can’t tell the difference. They just click on what they want to use.

If a user opens a PDA book and reads it for 10 minutes or reads, prints, or downloads 10 pages, then the eBook is seamlessly purchased without the knowledge of the user. If the user reads for less than 10 minutes, or reads, prints, or downloads less than 10 pages – and does it 100 times, then that’s 100 eBooks we used for free!

Consequences – Departments shift part of the burden of book buying onto the shoulders of the users who buy what they need when they need it. Unlike traditional collection development methods which sometimes result in wonderful books sitting unread on the shelves, EVERY single PDA purchase is guaranteed at least one use.

If you want to participate in this pilot project, contact your library liaison. 


CURRENTLY 20% of all eBooks are purchased throught the DDA process. 

What is Evidence Based Selection? (EBS)

Evidence based selection is where the library commits to spending a certain amount of money with an eBooks database and then picks the eBooks it wants to buy at the end of the year based upon user statistics. In the meantime you get access to an enormous number of eBooks you are not paying for. 

Same quality control. Less work. Only the books that actually get used get bought.

Win! Win! Win!

Attention Departments! Here is How You Can Participate.

  1. Determine what percentage of your budget you wish to commit to PDA and EBS acquisitions vs. traditional methods.
    • 30% to 50% of your budget is recommended the first year.
  2. Contact your liaison to work out the details.
  3. Sit back and relax.

Progress towards spending this portion of your departmental budget will be shared each month alongside overall spending via the DeptBud document.

FYI - Demand Driven Acquistion Works

Ebooks statistics across the nation over 10 years, 100 million records, 1,194 libraries.