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DISCUS Databases: Britannica World Data Analyst


  • Country Snapshots - Population, Economy, Vital Statistics, Education and Health, Foreign Trade, Transport and Communication.
  • Current Comparisons - Create tables and charts comparing countries across multiple statistical categories, or focus on statistics for a single country. Data reflects the most recent available statistics.
  • Chronological Comparisons - Create tables and charts comparing changes over time. Data spans up to 90 years.
  • Ranked Statistics- Featuring tables of countries with the highest or lowest totals, rates, or percentages in several statistical categories, as well as tables covering the most remarkable features and attributes of different countries and the world.

World Data Analysis

(Grades 7-12) Resource for retrieving, comparing, ranking, and customizing data on the world's nations.  Country snapshots feature provides statistics that include maps, area, population, demographics, gross national product, and more. 

County comparisons offer tools for creating comparison tables and graphs using either recent or historical statistics. (Gale)

Try these Learning Activities

Compare the population density of the United States to another country.

How does the birth rate in the US compare now to Mexico? How did it compare in 1950?

What country has the second highest $ amount of imports? Exports?