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About the Library: eBooks Holdings

Contains information on the library's hours, check out policies, rules, and services


80% of our eBooks are located in just two databases - Ebooks on EBSCOHost and ProQuest Ebook Central. Each sorts them into different subject categories and these categories do not always match well with the Thrift Library's departmental breakdown. Beyond these two databases are 37 more eBook databases, each with their own way of sorting eBooks by subject. This makes it impractical to get more than an estimate of the number of eBooks we have per subject area. Below you will see a combined analysis of both Ebooks on EBSCOHost and ProQuest Ebook Central as well of an analysis of each using their own subject areas. Anderson University Departments which do not match well with these arbitrary labels, or which are multidisciplinary in area, or which are considered a subset of a larger area - such as Music and Theatre, Criminal Justice, Communications, individual sciences, etc. - will be underreported or even invisible when counting.